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Best Certification Courses for Photography

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Discover 15 Best Certification Courses for Photography in India

With millennials, photography is becoming an increasingly passionate hobby. Photography makes it possible to capture nature in its most delicate state, take stunning postures of models, and post mesmerizing images on Instagram. It involves a lot of technical and practical training and thinking, which you may get through online courses and certificates. It is not only an artistic thing. Nowadays, the need for photographers has grown quickly, and they are needed in many kinds of industries and areas to photograph events, feelings, and moments. And this is why you must enrol in the top photography programs and earn your photographer’s certification in India. 

In India, you may also discover free certificate programs in online photography. For the majority of us, photography begins as a pastime, but in recent years, it has gained even more advantages as a profession, and its viability has opened up new avenues for ambitious photographers and creatives. In order to capitalize on this trend, numerous Indian schools have launched a variety of online diploma programs, free online photography courses with certifications in India, and a photography certification that enables one to succeed in their chosen field of photography. 

You will be able to establish a successful career in photography by enrolling in the top certification programs for photography in India, whether they are delivered through online studios or in-person instruction. We’ve included a list of some of the top photography certification programs and courses in India so you may go further into your love of the art. 

Why Photography? 

The day when photography was considered only a hobby is long gone. Working in photography is no longer just for the movie industry and event coverage. Since the advent of social media and numerous internet platforms, every industry—from fashion to advertising to food—has felt the need for photographers. 

The fundamental essence of a photographer’s work is constant regardless of the subject matter. In order to convey a message to the audience, you must develop your originality and aesthetic sense. Since photography isn’t really a “9 to 5” profession, one must be willing to explore new areas. In contrast to a fashion photographer, a wildlife photographer is required to travel frequently and work outdoors. 

Steps to Become a Photographer 

Depending on your interests and skill sets, anyone may specialize in one of the many photographic specializations. The following is a summary of some of the fundamental skills needed to become a photographer: 

  • Step 1: The first step in becoming a photographer is to select an appropriate photography education, such as a diploma or degree/certificate program. Many universities in India offer a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs in photography.  
  • Step 2: Meet the eligibility requirements. For example, most diploma programs need a 12th-grade pass, while some programs only accept graduates. Depending on what kind of course you want to take, your eligibility may change. 
  • Step 3: Get enrolment into the program. Several prestigious institutions provide admission based on performance in entrance exams or board exams.  
  • Step 4: Finish the course program, learn the tactics and technicalities included in the course as well as how to finish the course. 
  • Step 5: After completing the course or while enrolling, apply for internships to put your knowledge into practice and acquire insight into how businesses operate, including how equipment functions.  
  • Step 6: Make a name for yourself in the field or specialty you are working in. 
  • Step 7: To display your work, establish a portfolio, website, blog, or social media presence. 

Best Online Photography Courses 

1. Comprehensive Photography Program 

This Comprehensive Photography Program one of the top photography certificate courses in India offers different types of photography courses in one go. As soon as you enroll in the program, you’ll study the basics of photography, how to use a camera, the value of lighting, and the craft of framing. You will study Photography Foundation, Fashion Photography, Wildlife Photography, Smartphone Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography, and Photo Editing Software. In this course, you will get hands-on training from experts as you learn how to create a visual dialogue with your photos.  

Program Highlights  

  • Live Webinars and Doubt-clearing support 
  • Resume Building &Review Sessions 
  • Recorded Video Lectures & E-workbooks 
  • AAFT Alumni Status 
  • Digital Verified Certification 
  • Career Mapping &Career Counseling 
  • Soft Skills & Personality Development 
  • Course validity for 12 months post-purchase 

You will Learn 

  • Importance of styling in photography 
  • How to make delectable food photos with a smartphone as well as a camera 
  • Creative photographic techniques of smartphone 
  • Tips and tricks of Wildlife and Landscape photography 
  • How to edit photos using various photography software 

Duration: 6 months 

Platform: AAFT Online 

2. Digital Photography 

The University of Cape Town in Cape Town is providing this as one of its certification programs for photography in India through GetSmarter. Those who wish to learn the fundamentals of digital photography and who want to pursue a career as a photographer should enroll in this certificate program in photography. With this photography certification, you’ll learn the basics of digital cameras and the camera triangle, including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Also, you will learn about lighting, compositions, and fundamental picture editing and retouching methods. 

Duration: 10 weeks 

Platform: GetSmarter 

3. Photography Course Online 

With a discussion of several types of camera lenses and an explanation of focal length and how it affects photographs, this is one of the top accredited photography courses in India offered by Shaw Academy. You may learn a variety of creative photography methods and compositional concepts with this online photography course in India. This certificate course in photography is intended for candidates who want to become professional photographers. It will teach camera fundamentals, aperture, manual mode, shutter speed, portrait, landscape, and wildlife photography with various metering modes and color filters, as well as basic to advanced editing skills. 

Duration: 16 weeks 

Platform: Shaw Academy 

4. iPhone & Android Photography Course 

This is one of the top online photography classes in India. You’ll learn about smartphone cameras, depth, motion, low light photography, external accessories, portrait and landscape photography, and picture editing using Photoshop and Lightroom. This photography course with a certificate is best suited for people who wish to advance their photographic abilities and who want to improve their phone photography skills or turn their hobby into a career. 

Duration: 4 weeks 

Platform: Shaw Academy 

5. Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing 

You will learn how to operate the camera’s regulated continuous and strobe illumination in one of the top certification programs for photography in India. Your ability to comprehend photography’s tactics and procedures in-depth will be enhanced by doing the certificate program in photography. This free online photography course with certifications from Michigan State University, East Lansing will also highlight the complexities and importance of the role of lighting, photographic content, and photo sharing on social media. 

Duration: 4 weeks 

Platform: Coursera 

6. Diploma in Photography 

This finest photography education in India is for you if you’re seeking degree programs to learn photography online. This is one of the best online photography courses available and will teach you the principles of photography as well as the skill from scratch. Also, you will learn how to handle a variety of photographic equipment, including backdrops, tripod stands, bespoke lighting setups, and memory card wallets. 

Duration: 6 months 

Platform: Nation Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi 

7. Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography 

This is one of the best certificate programs in photography, teaching you all types of photography through online videos, articles, downloadable tools, and study materials. You will be taught how to capture images as well as how to market them in this online photography course in India. 

Duration: 23.5 hours 

Platform: Udemy 

8. Introduction to Digital Photography 

This is one of the free online photography courses and certificates that will provide you with comprehensive instruction in digital photography and the use of a digital camera. You will be taught all of its functions and several styling strategies to get the ideal photo. Using the rules of thirds and fears of DSLR, this online photography course in India will also teach you how to develop inspiration in your photos. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Platform: Alison 

9. Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass 

You will learn how to alter studio lighting and other creative elements of photography in this, one of the top certification programs for photography in India. By studying composition, you will also comprehend and learn portrait photography. Access your online photography lessons while putting what you’ve learned into practice. You will also gain knowledge of compositional concepts, color and black and white photography, and lighting management. 

Duration: 11.5 hours 

Platform: Udemy 

10. Photography Basic and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization 

This is one of the greatest certification programs for photography in India. Discover the elements to snap and take a picture as you had thought. This photography certificate covers a wide range of concepts and guidelines for using a camera. The course, which is one of Michigan State University’s online photography courses with certifications, covers how to construct photos to suit your needs, the basics of photography, and how to employ creativity. 

Duration: 6 months 

Platform: Coursera  

11. Camera, Exposure and Photography 

Without the right understanding, the world of photography can seem rather complex, thus this course aids in sorting out all menus, functions, and other camera controls. This one of the top photography certification courses in India, provided by Michigan State University via Coursera, will strengthen your photographic foundation while emphasizing a few key elements. 

Duration: 19 hours 

Platform: Coursera 

12. Fashion and Glamour Photography 

This is another of India’s top photography certification programs where you’ll learn the fundamentals of taking photos that the fashion industry will find interesting. One important segment of the fashion business is photography, and photographer’s methods and styles differ greatly from other types of photography. This online photography course in India serves as an introduction to the fashion photography niche. One of the best photography classes online also teaches you how to interact with models, use Photoshop CC, take beautiful pictures, and understand poses, framing, and lines. 

Duration: 4 hours 

Platform: Udemy 

13. Seeing Through Photographs 

One of the top photography certificates includes all aspects of shooting images, viewing them, comprehending them, and choosing the right ones for the job. You can develop your photographic ideas and methods with the aid of the photography certificate. At one of the top certification programs for photography in India, you will study how to make photographs, choose and comprehend settings, learn about production, circulation , and reception, and converse about images. 

Duration: 17 hours 

Platform: Coursera 

14. Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing 

This online photography course with a diploma from Northwestern University will teach you how to leverage your photographic abilities for business reasons. You’ll discover how to position yourself in response to the demands made by commercial or scientific organizations. With this top photography credential, you will also learn about picture processing, comprehending briefs, and meeting frame specifications. 

Duration: 36 hours 

Platform: Coursera 

15. How To Be a Pretty Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer 

You may combine your passion for photography and nature to create a successful career with the aid of one of the top certification programs for photography in India. It’s crucial to understand how to make money from your photography education. You will be able to choose marketable photographs, calculate the price for profit, learn how to bargain and comprehend client assignments. 

Duration: 14 hours 

Platform: Udemy 

Online Photography Courses Career & Scope 

After completing a photography course, you have a variety of job options. Let’s explore a few of the options: 

1. Free Lancing

This is most likely the most popular and preferred professional path for photographers. Independent contractor works on their own schedule and markets their own photos. As you can never be sure of what chance you will have next, you will need to manage your accounts carefully, which calls for excellent management abilities. Most freelancers work in a variety of industries and do not limit themselves to a single one. With expertise and the greatest talents, one can work under the contract; well-known independent photographers charge by the shoot. 

2. Fashion Photographer

You may collaborate with fashion houses, models, or designers here. These images mostly focus on the newest fashion trends and are used in ads or publications. A top photographer’s assistant may make between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 72,000 each month. A fashion designer, however, may earn between 1.2 lakh and 3.6 lakh rupees for each project once they are established. 

3. Wildlife Photographer

There is a wildlife photographer in front of every picture that captures the beauty of flora and fauna. A photographer specializing in wildlife is given the assignment of capturing nature in its most unadulterated state. This is for everyone who is captivated by nature. 

Beginner-level income ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. On the other hand, seasoned wildlife photographers may expect to make between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh per month. 

4. Travel Photographer

It should go without saying that travel photographers frequently travel for their jobs. For travel photographers to truly appreciate a location’s beauty, they must truly get its essence. The most beautiful photos are frequently taken in remote areas. The typical salary for a travel photography trainee is from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000, but with training and experience, the average salary may reach INR 14 LPA. Selling photographs frequently can help you build trust, which will subsequently lead to reliance and a raise in compensation. You may even run your own website or blog. It is preferable to write as well since writing accompanied by appropriate images will present a whole product. 

5. Sports Photography

Sports photography is defined as capturing quick-action moments of players and sports personnel. For newspapers, journals, websites, and picture stock companies, sports photographers are employed. They consider positions, lighting, equipment, and other factors as they assess and design the composition of images. To edit images, they employ photo-editing software like Photoshop. Cricket is strongly linked to sports in India. There is a lot of opportunity for professional sports photography with the IPL and national teams competing. In India, sports photographers make an average pay between INR 2.44 LPA and 3.60 LPA. 

6. Photo Journalism

Without a photo, a news item never feels complete. A press photographer’s responsibility is to accurately represent the news in pictures. To locate pictures that are pertinent to the news, one must be prepared to work in any circumstance and at any time. Freshmen often make between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 per month in income. The typical pay ranges from 4 to 6 lakhs. 

7. Portrait and Wedding Photography

When moments are caught in pictures, they are preserved for all time. These photographers may capture unique images of kids or animals, or they may cover significant occasions like weddings. While it rises with experience, the typical pay for a newcomer is about 2.8 lakh per year. 

8. Food Photography

For capturing some outstanding pictures of the food served at restaurants, advertising agencies, or periodicals that publish culinary recipes, food photographers are employed. Food photographers put a lot of effort into making their subjects seem visually appealing as well as edible. Colors, textures, lighting, and angles are all important. Food photographers, who are essentially independent photographers, are employed by restaurants. The majority of the food photographers are regular visitors. They photograph the dish and post images of it online, which draws additional consumers. In India, a food photographer typically earns between INR 3.45 LPA and 4.23 LPA in pay.  

9. Scientific Photography

Scientific photography is one of the less well-known factors that support the growth of the field of science. Scientific photographer utilizes their expertise in fields like engineering and medicine to use a photo to describe a phenomenon. To explain science to the general public, it is vital to use images. We would never have been able to comprehend how bacteria appeared without a picture of one in our textbook. Always lagging behind a well-lit image of the real thing are animated items. 

10. Forensic Photography

By precisely capturing the situation from all angles, a forensic photographer aids the detectives in gaining insight into the crime scene throughout the inquiry. To ensure that no hint is overlooked, they must document every aspect of the scene. At the beginner level, a photographer makes around 2.2 lakh rupees, and at the senior level, about 3.5 lakhs. 

Salary in Photography Industry 

There is no set pay in the field of photography. The main determinants include a variety of things, including opportunities, experience, and inventiveness. Yet, according to statistics, a photographer makes an average pay of roughly Rs 4,000,00 (taking into account all of the aforementioned skills and more). Nonetheless, it might range from Rs. 1,23,067 to Rs. 11,57,269 annually. 

A mid-level professional photographer may make roughly Rs. 3,97,686 whereas an entry-level photographer typically makes Rs. 3,10,000. Pay also depends on experience. According to a recent poll, the pay scale for photographers has increased by 5–10% annually. 

Scope of Photography in India 

During the past few years, the photography sector has had a sharp increase in its growth rate, which now ranges from 15% to 20%. By 2021, the worldwide market for digital photography alone was projected to grow by $110.61 billion. Everything now has to be shot due to the advent of digitization, including models, events, nature, and other species. 

This is the career for you if you have uniqueness, the ability to work autonomously, are artistic and creative, and don’t mind acting erratically. Each photography course you take will help you develop your technical and artistic abilities. In addition to learning how to use photos to tell a story, you’ll also study elements like light exposure and perspective to produce the finest photos possible. 

Someone interested in this subject should be prepared to regularly refresh their knowledge because this is a field that is always evolving and where technical advancements happen quickly. This means that in order to stay up with the world, you will also need to move quickly and work hard. You will succeed in the profession of photography if you have the aforementioned personality attributes and complete some formal schooling. One of the most promising career and course options is it. 

Why Study Photography Online & its Benefits 

Online education can end up being the best option for you if you’re seeking classes to fit into an already hectic job schedule. What are the benefits of online learning, then? These are a few things to think about as you decide what to do next. 

1. Flexibility

Online learning is popular because of its flexibility. You or your team may study education without traveling to a physical school by digitally learning from anywhere. Although some online courses mandate live lectures, you may still fit your education into your already-packed calendar and proceed at your own speed. 

2. Ability to Advance a Career

Career growth was the respondent’s top reason for continuing their education, according to a survey. This is mostly true of online learning as well. Upskilling or reskilling, receiving a promotion or pay raise, or changing occupational areas are all examples of career progression. Working professionals choose this format since online learning is a flexible choice. 

3. Wider Range of Courses and Programs

One of the major benefits of online education is that working people may enroll in courses at universities all around the world and choose the curriculum that best suits their needs without disrupting their lives. On the other hand, students who attend campus are constrained to nearby possibilities or are required to relocate for a full-time program. This gives you a wider range of solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives or training your team. 

4. Immediately Applicable Coursework

Direct application of your coursework to your full-time employment is one of the many advantages of online learning for professionals, especially if you’re upskilling and want to continue in your present field. The lessons you take away from your teacher, your other classmates, and the course readings could apply to the duties you have the following day at work. In the actual world, you may use what you’ve learned. A study found that 84% of students believed their curriculum was immediately useful to their careers, and some respondents felt that finishing an online degree helped them do their jobs more effectively. 

5. Affordability

Generally, the cost of online programs varies, but there is a wider diversity of options and types of credentials, as well as a wider range of pricing ranges. You may pick an online course that not only satisfies your academic requirements but also falls within your budget. According to a study of the Global Career Impact Survey, personal spending rose by 57% in India following the second wave, suggesting that spending preferences had changed. Typically speaking, you’ll avoid paying for lodging and daily transportation to campus. If your program fits with your present or upcoming obligations, your company could also be prepared to cover the cost of your education or reimburse you for tuition.  

6. Time Management Skill Development

Time management is a crucial ability in many aspects of life. You may balance your job demands, family and personal commitments, and everything else life throws at you. You are probably juggling your career and your education as a working person taking an online course. You must thus prepare in advance and maybe divide your work into smaller units. An ability that will be useful to you, in the long run, is time management. 

7. Virtual Collaboration Opportunities

Virtual collaboration abilities are more crucial than ever, especially in light of COVID-19’s persistence and the fact that many professionals are still working remotely. These important skills are taught when completing an online course or program since you will work in groups, participate in live conversations, and analyze the perspectives of classmates who are located all over the world. This is crucial since a lot of businesses, large and small, have teams with workers from all over the world, and you might have to interact with individuals in other time zones as part of your work. 

8. A Customized Learning Environment

You may finish your homework in an online course from any location you want, including your living room or kitchen, an office, a coffee shop, etc. Others might choose to view lectures in a relaxed atmosphere, even if some students learn better in a traditional classroom setting. One of the best things about online learning is that you can still access your coursework no matter where you are, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. The epidemic has also made online education a secure choice. 

9. A More Sustainable Option

Online education is an ecologically beneficial choice for a number of reasons. One benefit is that you avoid using gas to get to and from a physical campus. Also, you’re not likely to rely on printed resources to do your assignments.  

Photography Recruiters 

As this is a creative industry, there isn’t one specific business that just employs photographers. A certain firm makes hiring based on what they need. Some of the top photographic recruiters include: 

  • Individual Parties (Wedding or Event Photography) 
  • Clothing Companies (Both online shopping and normal stores)
  • Magazines 
  • Portrait Photography (In studios) 
  • Real estate websites 
  • Product photography for stores 
  • Government sectors (Inclusive of the defense sector) 
  • Industrial Companies 
  • Movies/Media 
  • Advertising companies 


To learn photography, there are several online photography courses with certificates available in India. You don’t need any prior knowledge for any of these best certification courses for photography in India; the majority of these online courses begin at the fundamental level while some are tailored to a particular type of photography, such as fashion photography courses, wedding photography courses, and other such courses.

The salary for a photographer is rather good. To succeed in business and identify marketable images, you only need to master a few strategies and tactics. To do this, you need photography training so that you can satisfy your client’s needs and create photographs that are precisely what they had in mind. 

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