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7 Weeks
05:00 hours per week
Lifestyle Studies

Online Fashion Designing Course Insights

Fashion is an extension of a person’s attitude, identity and overall personality. In a 2.5 trillion-dollar fashion industry and an ever-increasing demand for professionals who can understand and create new fashion trends and designs, a fashion designer’s role becomes a coveted profession. This course will provide you with a contextual, intellectual, and cultural grasp of fashion, allowing you to carve out a strong niche in a competitive industry.

  • Online Fashion Designing Course Highlights
      • Duration- 7 weeks
      • Recorded Video Lectures & E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • AAFT Alumni Status
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Verified Certification
  • What you will learn in Online Fashion Designing Course
    • The Fashion Design Program will teach you all you need to know about fashion, including the principles of illustrations, the design process, professional draping, pattern making, and much more.

      There you'll learn things like:

      • Origin and Development of Fashion
      • Fashion Styles of Legends in the Fashion Industry
      • Ethics of Fashion Designing
      • Emerging Trends
      • All About Fabrics
      • Designing and Marketing
      • Identifying and Targeting Audience
  • Pre-Requisites For Online Fashion Designing Course
      • Creative Thinking
      • Basic Understanding of Fabrics and Designs
      • Fundamental Knowledge of Computer

Career Prospects in Fashion Design

We promise to help our students explore their potential by providing Career Guidance. You will get an opportunity to be a part of one-of-its-kind placement drives with well-known creative industry figures and businesses. We work hard to ensure that our students make the best decisions to succeed in their careers.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Marketer

Fashion Editor

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Advertiser

Online Fashion Designing Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Online Fashion Designing Course Synopsis

With this intensive 7-week course, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the best media organisations, fashion labels, and magazine publishing houses to set the newest fashion trends in town.

  • Course Orientation
    2 Lectures
    01:30 Hours
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Fashion Design
    12 Lectures
    3:00 Hours
    • 1.1 Fashion 

      1.2. Fashion Overview 

      1.3. What is Fashion? 

      1.4. Fashion Evolution 

      1.5. Fashion Adoption 

      1.6. Origin of Fashion 

      1.7. Fashion as a Phenomenon 

      1.8. Empowering the Artisans 

      1.9. What is Fashion Design? 

      1.10. Future of Fashion Designing and Fashion Designer 

      1.11. Scope of Fashion 

      1.12. Revision 

  • Module 2 - History of Fashion
    7 Lectures
    3:00 Hours
    • 2.1. Introduction 

      2.2. Learning Objectives 

      2.3. History of Fashion 

      2.4. Biographies of Famous Fashion Designers 

      2.5. Decade Influences on Fashion 

      2.6. Basic Fashion Terminologies 

      Module 2 - Assignment

  • Module 3 - Elements & Principles of Design
    5 Lectures
    3:00 Hours
    • 3.1. Art of Fashion Design 

      3.2. What is Design? 

      3.3. Design Elements 

      3.4. Principles of Design - 

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 3

  • Module 4 - Design Process
    7 Lectures
    3:00 Hours
    • 4.2. Learning Objectives 

      4.3. Design Process 

      4.4. Design Process with an Example 

      4.5. Wabi-Sabi 

      4.6. Inspiration for Designers 

      4.7. Conclusion 

      Module 4 - Assignment

  • Module 5 - Textile & Fabric
    10 Lectures
    4:00 Hours
    • 5.1. Understand the Scientific Aspects of Fashion Design

      5.2. Understanding Textile 

      5.3. Fiber 

      5.4. Silk 

      5.5. Mineral 

      5.6. Man-Made Fiber 

      5.7. How to Make Yarn from Fibers?

      5.8. Fabric 

      5.9. Classifications of Fibers 

      5.10. Textile Related Terms

      Module 5 - Assignment

  • Module 6 - Fashion Figure Drawing
    10 Lectures
    4:00 Hours
    • 6.1. Introduction 

      6.2. Learning Objectives

      6.3. Fashion Drawing

      6.4. Female Fashion Figure Drawing

      6.5. Stages of Fashion Figure Drawing

      6.6. Template 

      6.7. Design Variation

      6.8. Colour Rendering

      6.9. E-Figure Templates 

      6.10. Conclusion 

  • Module 7 - Pattern Drafting Construction
    17 Lectures
    4:00 Hours
    • 7.1. Introduction 

      7.2. Introduction to Body Measurement

      7.3. Importance of Pattern Making 

      7.4. Cutting the Pattern 

      7.5. Writing Information on the Pattern 

      7.6. Making the Sleeves 

      7.7. Cutting the Sleeves 

      7.8. Tracing the Patterns on Fabric 

      7.9. Cutting the Fabric 

      7.10. Stitching the Fabric

      7.11. Test Fit

      7.12. Draping 

      7.13. Marking the Pattern on the Paper

      7.14. A Quick Recap of Draping Process

       7.15. Creating the skirt Pattern 

      7.16. Tracing the Skirt Pattern on the Fabric

      7.17. Conclusion 

  • Module 8 - Careers In Fashion
    9 Lectures
    4:00 Hours
    • 8.1. Recap of the Course 

      8.2. Fashion Designer 

      8.3. Essential Skills of a Fashion Designer 

      8.4. Fashion Merchandiser 

      8.5. Fashion Visual Merchandiser 

      8.6. Fashion Marketing

      8.7. Fashion Stylist 

      8.8. Fashion Editor 

      8.9. Conclusion 

      Module 8 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 8

      Closure Survey

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

AAFT Will Help You Become An Industry certified Fashion Designer


Know Our Online Fashion Designing Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market-ready professional!

Shalini Kumar

Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Shalini Kumar comes with an experience of around 30 years in the field of fashion designing. Her journey has helped her gain deeper insights and knowledge of this dynamic field. Her interest in academics creates a perfect amalgamation of theoretical and practical learning. Shalini believes fashion is something that comes from within. One needs to give it the language of knowledge and let it speak out.

Online Fashion Designing Course Fees
INR 14,999 (inc. taxes)
EMI Option Available

Fashion Design with Shalini Kumar