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"The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality." -Scott Lorenzo

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Doubt Clearing Support
6 Weeks
04:00 hours per week

Course Insights

If you love the sound of the camera shutter and produce an image that narrates a unique story, then welcome to the world of Photography.

Get groomed by AAFT experts to step into the ever-growing and highly competitive industry that can open an ocean of opportunities.

Let your imagination and innovation fly high by knowing the most complex yet subtle pieces of this art.

The knowledge involving all kinds of camera technicalities will help you reach extraordinary heights in your career. So, blend in your creativity with our expert mentoring and be the next master in photography.

  • Course Highlights
      • Duration- 6 weeks
      • Industry expert mentors
      • Recorded Video Lectures
      • Demonstrations, and E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • AAFT Alumni Status
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Verified Certification
  • What you will learn
      • Fundamentals of Camera, Sensors And Lenses
      • Art Of Framing
      • Best Lighting Techniques for any image
      • Compositions and their Structures
      • Techniques of Photography
      • Various Theories and Principles Of Photography
      • Tips and Tricks of Different types of photography
  • Pre-Requisites
      • DSLR Camera
      • The Basic Lenses
      • Basic Knowledge of Photograph Editing Related Softwares

Career Prospects

After completing the course, there are ample opportunities in the field of photography like

Feature Photographer

Fashion Photographer


Wildlife Photographer

Freelance Photographer

Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Course Synopsis

Learn the must know secrets of clicking the best photographs for an enriching career

  • Course Orientation
    01:30 Hours
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Photography Fundamentals
    7 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 1.1. Introduction to Camera

      1.2. What is Photography?

      1.3. Camera Sensors

      1.4. Camera Lenses

      1.5. Exploring Your Camera Kit

      1.6. Image File Formats

      1.7. Using the Right Light

      Survey End of Module 1

  • Module 2 - Exposure
    9 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 2.1. Exposure in Camera - An Introduction

      2.2. How Does Shutter Works?

      2.3. Shutter Speed- A Demo

      2.4. What is Aperture?

      2.5. Aperture-A Demonstration

      2.6. What is ISO?

      2.7. ISO- Demonstration

      2.8. Exposure Correction

      2.9. Exploring the Shooting Modes

      Assignment 1

      Assignment 2

      Survey End of Module 2

  • Module 3 - Art of Framing
    8 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 3.1. Composition Overview

      3.2. What is Composition?

      3.3. Focal Elements

      3.4. Composition Structure

      3.5. Positive & Negative Space

      3.6. Perspective

      3.7. Balance

      3.8. Conclusion

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 3

  • Module 4 - Basic Lighting
    10 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 4.1. Lighting Overview

      4.2. Natural Light

      4.3. Hard and Soft Light

      4.4. Direction of Light

      4.5. Artificial Light

      4.6. Camera Settings for Studio Light

      4.7. Demonstration - Lighting Techniques

      4.8. Different Scenarios - Natural Light

      4.9. Lighting Accessories

      4.10. White Balance

      Module 4 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 4

  • Module 5 - Techniques of Photography
    13 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 5.1. Introduction

      5.2. Learning Objectives

      5.3. High Speed Photography

      5.4. Motion Blur

      5.5. Night Photography

      5.6. Black and White Photography

      5.7. Zoom Burst

      5.8. Macro Photography

      5.9. Smoke Photography

      5.10. Long Exposure Photography

      5.11. Light Painting

      5.12. Filters

      5.13. Conclusion

      Survey End of Module 5

  • Module 6 - Types of Photography
    14 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 6.1. Overview - 4:18 Mins

      6.2. Street Photography

      6.3. Tips for Street Photography

      6.4. Landscape Photography

      6.5. Tips for Landscape Photography

      6.6. Architecture Photography

      6.7. Tips for Architecture Photography

      6.8. Portrait Photography

      6.9. Still Life Photography

      6.10. Fashion Photography

      6.11. Wedding Photography

      6.12. Wild Life Photography

      6.13. E-Commerce Photography

      6.14. Conclusion

      Survey End of Module 6

      Closure Survey

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

AAFT will help you become an industry accredited Photographer


Know Our Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Vipin Gaur

Fashion and Advertising photographer Experience- 15 years

Vipin Gaur is a world-class photographer who has spent a significant amount of time working in the fashion sector.

His aesthetics and vision have received widespread acclaim, as evidenced by his work with prestigious agencies such as JWT, Rediffusion, O-Positive, Interactive Avenues, Creative Land, and Gionee Godrej, Coke, Berger Paints, Dabur, and others.

He has also conducted a number of photography workshops for Canon and Elinchrome India.

Course Fees
INR 14,999 (inc. taxes)
EMI Option Available

Photography Foundation with vipin gaur