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5 Weeks
06:00 hours per week
Lifestyle Studies

Fashion Styling Course Insights

In the entertainment sector, fashion styling is in high demand, and this curriculum specifically aims to bridge the demand and supply gap. Our experts have created this course to help you grasp the ideas of style depending on a variety of variables such as the face, body types, budget, occasion, or unique consumer wants. As a student in this program, you will be able to explore unlimited possibilities for developing new designs alongside like-minded specialists at AAFT. With this intense five-week course, you'll be able to interact with the best media businesses, fashion brands, and magazine publishing houses after learning the concepts behind all of the style strategies.

  • Course Highlights
      • Duration- 5 weeks
      • Mentoring by the Industry Expert
      • Recorded Video Lectures
      • Downloadable Content like E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • Networking Platform with AAFT Alumni
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Certification
  • What you will learn
      • Career Path as a Fashion Stylist
      • Major Stylists and their Clientele
      • Styling as per the body type
      • Styling as per the face shapes
      • A wardrobe guide as per the latest trends
      • Best layering and Pairing Guide
      • Styling as per the budget and occasion
      • The Travel Style guide
  • Pre-Requisites
      • A versatile wardrobe
      • Accessories to experiment
      • A Makeup Kit
      • A zeal to experiment

Career Prospects

Being a fashion stylist is one of the most stylish jobs in the glamour industry. It has a wide range of job opportunities in the fields listed below.

Editorial Stylist

Commercial Stylist

Wardrobe Stylist

Freelance Stylist

Makeover Stylist

Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Course Synopsis

With this intensive Five weeks course, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the best media organizations, fashion labels, and magazine publishing houses to set the newest fashion trends in town.

  • Course Orientation
    2 Lectures
    01:30 Hours
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Fashion Design
    16 Lectures
    05:06 Hours
    • 1.1 Overview

      1.2 Fashion Styling - An Introduction

      1.3 What is Fashion?

      1.4 What is Styling?

      1.5 What is Fashion Styling?

      1.6 Types of Popular Fashion Styles

      1.7 Characteristics of a Good Stylist

      1.8 Scope of Styling

      1.9 Responsibilities of a Fashion Stylist

      1.10 Domains of a Fashion Stylist

      1.11 Types of Stylists

      1.12 Need of a Celebrity Stylist

      1.13 Get an Internship and Recommendations

      1.14 International Stylists

      1.15 Indian Stylists

      1.16 Conclusion

  • Module 2 - Body Analysis
    11 Lectures
    04:30 Hours
    • 2.1 A Brief Introduction

      2.2 Face and Body Type

      2.3 Horizontal Body Proportions

      2.3.1 Hourglass Figure

      2.3.2 Inverted Triangle Shape Figure

      2.3.3 Triangle Shape Figure

      2.3.4 Rectangular Shape Figure

      2.3.5 Oval Shape Figure

      2.3.6 Diamond Shape Figure

      2.3.7 Straight Body Shape

      2.4 Vertical Body Proportions

      Module 2 - Assignment

  • Module 3- Nuances of Styling
    7 Lectures
    04:00 Hours
    • 3.1 Different Silhouettes of Garments

      3.2 Fabric Types

      3.3 Textures in Styling

      3.4 Prints and Patterns in Styling

      3.5 Face Shape in Styling

      3.6 Color Theory and Styling

      3.7 Conclusion

  • Module 4 - Identifying Your Style
    19 Lectures
    06:00 Hours
    • 4.1 Introduction

      4.2 Personal Style

      4.3 Know Your Client

      4.4 Wardrobe Guide

      4.5 Basics and Essentials for Women’s Wardrobe

      4.6 Shopping Guide

      4.7 Layering and Pairing

      4.8 Accessories

      4.9 Handbags

      4.10 Sunglasses

      4.11 Scarfs

      4.12 Hair Accessories

      4.13 Watches

      4.14 Belts

      4.15 Necktie

      4.16 Jewelry

      4.17 Shoes and Sandals

      4.18 Hair Styling

      4.19 Handy Makeup

      4.20 Conclusion

  • Module 5 - Styling for Client
    16 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 5.1 Overview

      5.2 Styling as Per Age

      5.3 Styling Gen Z Clients

      5.4 Styling Gen Y Clients

      5.5 Styling for Gen X

      5.6 Styling for Baby Boomers

      5.7 Styling the Client's in the 60s

      5.8 Styling the 70s Client

      5.9 Styling to Look Younger

      5.10 Styling to Look Older

      5.11 Styling as Per Occasion

      5.12 Party after Hectic Day at Office

      5.13 A Day Out

      5.14 Friend’s Wedding

      5.15 Budget Styling

      5.16 Travel Style Guide

Key Projects

Step into a world of experiential learning with our immersive projects in the Fashion Styling course, designed to challenge and empower you for success in the competitive world of Style & Trends.

Key Projects

Step into a world of experiential learning with our immersive projects in the Fashion Styling course, designed to challenge and empower you for success in the competitive world of Style & Trends.

Learn Fashion Styling through pin board

Research on editorial stylists’ work

Learning about famous stylists

Body analysis exercises

Identifying one’s own style

Learning about accessories hair styling and handy makeup

Identifying style as per age

Budgeting exercises

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

AAFT will help you become a certified Fashion Stylist


Know Our Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Namita Sachdeva

Fashion Stylist Experience- 10 Years

Namita Sachdeva is a renowned name in the arena of fashion styling and the Media Industry. She has been an affluent TV presenter, speaker, actor and grooming expert for over a decade now. She has worked with renowned TV channels, including ABP News, Tatasky, ZeeTv, Doordarshan, Punjab Kesari. Besides, she excels in interviewing iconic divas of films, television and the fashion industry; her way of presenting the latest fashion trend is commendable. Namita has the capability of creating a craving for looking stylish in everyone. Love thyself comes foremost, is her verdict.

Quote: “Fashion styling is an add-on to the magnetic persona of an individual.”

Course Fees
INR 14,999
EMI Option Available

Fashion Styling with Namita Sachdeva