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6 Weeks
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Digital Advertising Course Insights

Digital advertising is the new norm in marketing and promotions. This course will help you in enhancing your creative and tactical thinking and creating impactful ad campaigns in the online space. Digital ads can be extremely effective if created with the help of the right tools and techniques. You will get an insight into the strategic role and purpose of the right advertising.

  • Digital Advertising Course Highlights
      • Duration- 6 weeks
      • Industry Expert Mentors
      • Recorded Video Lectures & E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • Doubt-clearing Sessions
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Verified Certification
  • What you will learn in Digital Advertising Course
    • In this course, you will get to understand the entire landscape, approach, and integration of digital media with advertising. You will also get to explore the right strategies and the best industry practices in the digital advertising field. You will learn about copywriting, the strategy involved in creating the best digital advertisement, and how to build an effective digital media advertising campaign.

  • Digital Advertising For Pre-Requisites Course
      • Suitable for anyone who is curious to learn about the digital advertising industry
      • Should have basic knowledge of computer
      • Should be able to think creatively

Career Prospects in Digital Advertising

This course prepares the students to enter into multiple fields like

Social media marketing career opportunity in digital advertising online course

Social Media Marketing

Email marketing career opportunity in online digital advertising course

E-Mail Marketing

Content management  career opportunity in digital advertising course online

Content Management and Curation

Mobile marketing career opportunity in online digital advertising course

Mobile Marketing

Search engine marketing career opportunity digital advertising course online

Search Engine Marketing

Digital Advertising Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Some of our recruiters are

  • Ezmall recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
  • Pulp strategy recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
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Some of our recruiters are
Ezmall recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
Pulp strategy recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
Mindflames recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
Image creations recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
Flags recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses
Forever new recruiter for AAFT online diploma and certificate courses

Digital Advertising Course Synopsis

This is how the course will progress once you enroll in it.

  • Course Orientation
    2 Lectures
    01:30 Hours
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Digital Advertising
    16 Lectures
    03:50 Hours
    • 1.1. Digital Advertising- Scope & Approach

      1.2. Digital Transformation

      1.3. Digital Advertising- An Overview

      1.4. History & Evolution of Digital Advertising

      1.5. Types of Digital Media

      1.6. Trends of Digital Media

      1.7. Digital Media Landscape

      1.8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      1.9. Mobile Marketing

      1.10. Augmented Reality

      1.11. Emerging Trend In “Digital Advertising Agencies”

      1.12. Digital Media Integration

      1.13 Online Market Research

      1.14. Digital Laws/Cyber Laws

      1.15. Successful Digital Brands

      1.16. Case Study - Nike

      Module 1 Assignment

      Survey End of Module 1

  • Module 2 - Digital Media Planning
    16 Lectures
    03:30 Hours
    • 2.1. Digital Media Planning- An Introduction

      2.2. Digital Media Planning- An Overview

      2.3. Comparing Different Types of Ads

      2.4. Different Channels of Digital Media Buying

      2.5. Understanding Google AdWords

      2.6. Account Structure

      2.7. Social Media Planning

      2.8. Facebook Advertising Strategy

      2.9. Instagram Advertising

      2.10. Twitter Advertising

      2.11. Snapchat Advertising

      2.12. Linkedin Advertising

      2.13. YouTube Advertising

      2.14. Setting Budget for Social Media Advertising

      2.15. Real Time Campaign Optimization

      2.16. Online Product - Legal Issues

      Module 2 Assignment

      Survey End of Module 2

  • Module 3 - Visual Communication
    19 Lectures
    03:20 Hours
    • 3.1. What is Visual Communication?

      3.2. Features of Visual Communication

      3.3. Defining Visual Literacy

      3.4. Components of Visual Literacy

      3.5. Using Visual Elements

      3.6. Reading and Interpreting Visuals

      3.7. Examples of Visual Representation

      3.8. What is Spatial Ability?

      3.9. Types of Learners in the General Population

      3.10. Visual Communication in Digital Age

      3.11. Advantages of Visual Communication

      3.12. Tips for Various Digital Platforms

      3.13. Perceive and Visualize

      3.14. How to Think Visually?

      3.15. Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Color

      3.16. What is Color Theory?

      3.17. Color Schemes for Perfect Picture

      3.18. Color Psychology

      3.19. Summary

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 3

  • Module 4 - Design Thinking
    19 Lectures
    03:00 Hours
    • 4.1. Introduction to Design Thinking

      4.2. What are Graphics?

      4.3. Role of Graphics in Advertising

      4.4. What are the Components of Graphics?

      4.5. What are Motion Graphics?

      4.6. Understanding Typography & Visuals

      4.7. How to Choose the Right Font?

      4.8. Typography for Web Design

      4.9. Importance of Logos

      4.10. Case Study - Adidas

      4.11. All you Need to Know About Trademarks

      4.12. What is a Layout?

      4.13. What is Display Advertising?

      4.14. How Mobile Advertising Gained Prominence?

      4.15. How to Advertise Through Social Media?

      4.16. Twitter for Advertising

      4.17. How to Advertise on LinkedIn?

      4.18. YouTube Advertising

      4.19. How do Banner Ads Work?

      Module 4 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 4

  • Module 5 - Understand Creativity
    22 Lectures
    03:50 Hours
    • 5.1. Introduction - Understanding Creativity

      5.2. Creativity in Advertising

      5.3. What is a Brief?

      5.4. Stages in the Creative Process

      5.5. Step 1: Immersion - Gathering Raw Materials

      5.6. Step 2: Digestion - How do we Decode it?

      5.7. Step 3: Incubation - Internalize Materials Unconsciously

      5.8. Step 4: Illumination - Executing the Idea

      5.9. Step 5: Write - Verification, Bring Ideas to Life

      5.10. Writing a Creative Brief

      5.11. Examples of Good Brief

      5.12. Brief - Highlight Challenges and Objectives

      5.13. Describe the Target Audience

      5.14. Know Your Competitors

      5.15. Brief Distribution Plan

      5.16. Framework of a Creative Brief.

      5.17. How to Develop Creativity?

      5.18. What is Soft Thinking & Hard Thinking?

      5.19. Deconstruction/Reconstruction

      5.20. Imagining, Playing & Exploration

      5.21. Collaboration/Cooperation & Everyday Creativity

      5.22. Developing the Idea

      Module 5 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 5

  • Module 6 - Copywriting
    22 Lectures
    03:10 Hours
    • 6.1. Copywriting - An Overview

      6.2. Copywriter vs. Art Director

      6.3. What is Writing?

      6.4. What is Copywriting?

      6.5. Difference between Writing and Copywriting

      6.6. Skills You Need To Succeed As Copywriter

      6.7. Responsibilities of a Copywriter

      6.8. Understanding the Target Audience

      6.9. Writing for Target Audience

      6.10. How to Build Persona?

      6.11. Crafting a Creative Strategy

      6.12. What is a Short Copy?

      6.13. Think Before Creating Content for Social Media

      6.14. What is a Long Copy?

      6.15. Goals of Digital Marketing Articles

      6.16. Tips to Write Marketing Articles

      6.17. Writing in the Mobile Age

      6.18. Writing for SEO

      6.19. Types of SEO Content

      6.20. Best Practices for Online Copywriting

      6.21. Concept of Layout and Legibility

      6.22. Language (Voice & Tone)

      6.23. Tips for Voice of a Brand

      Module 6 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 6

  • Module 7 - Building a Digital Media Ad Campaign
    11 Lectures
    01:50 Hours
    • 7.1. Steps for Creating Digital Media Campaign

      7.2. How to Build a Brief Outline?

      7.3. Create a Buyer Persona for Your Brand

      7.4. Define Your Budget

      7.5. Name & Tagline of the Company

      7.6. Channels & Platforms

      7.7. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

      7.8. Setting up Ads on Social Media Platforms

      7.9. How Blogs help in Digital Advertising?

      7.10. Case Study - How to Make a Portfolio

      7.11. Conclusion

      Module 7 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 7

      Closure Survey

Digital advertising course certificate of completion

Become a certified Digital Advertising professional with AAFT


Know Our Digital Advertising Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Nikhil Pandey - AAFT Online Executive Creative Director

Nikhil Pandey

Executive Creative Director

Executive Creative Director Nikhil Pandey has been working in the advertising industry for the past 20 years. He has worked with top-tier companies and flagship names in advertising, such as Ogilvy, Seagram’s, and Leo Burnett.

Nikhil’s expertise covers a whole range of enterprises like Bata India, Volvo, Orient Electric, Domino’s Pizza, and NIIT. He has been conferred with numerous top international and national awards and is currently building on his industry experience as a seasoned creative person by imparting knowledge and mentoring others through online digital platforms.

Digital Advertising Course Fees
INR 14,999 (inc. taxes)
EMI Option Available

Digital Advertising with Nikhil Pandey