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4 Weeks
04:00 hours per week
Mass Comm & Media

Course Insights

Journalism of late has gone handy with your pocket-size mobile phone and a tripod. You can create a news story in just a few minutes from anywhere anytime if you know the real hacks of creating the news stories with this pocket-size instrument.

Witness this transformative news generation process in a much compact way, replacing the old traditional heavyweight camera that paves the way for smooth journalism.

Get introduced to this new media journalism format with one of the most experienced journalists of Indian news in our short yet compact course.

  • Course Highlights
      • Duration- 4 weeks
      • Industry Expert Mentors
      • Recorded Video Lectures & E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • Doubt-clearing Sessions
      • AAFT Alumni Status
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Verified Certification
  • What you will learn
    • In four weeks with us, you will be well versed with

      • Insights of Mobile Journalism
      • Essential Requirements
      • Report Writing and News Packaging
      • Skills needed to be a Mobile Journalist
      • PNG (Portable News Gathering)
      • Voice-over writing and Recording
  • Pre-Requisites
      • A Good Mobile Phone-iOS or Android
      • Good written and Verbal Skills
      • An Inclination towards a potential news story
      • Knowledge of Editing Software

Career Prospects



Mobile journalist

Special Reporter


Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Course Synopsis

Get familiarised with the latest format of doing journalism- the mobile way!

  • Course Orientation
    2 Lectures
    02:54 Mins
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Mobile Journalism
    2 Lectures
    02:54 Mins
    • 1.1. Mobile Journalism Overview - 2:09 Mins

      1.2. Purpose of Mobile Journalism - 10:33 Mins

      1.3. Understanding Mobile Journalism - 6:34 Mins

      1.4. MOJO & Global News Channels - 4:09 Mins

      1.5. MOJO & Smartphones - 11:03 Mins

      1.6. MOJO's Basic Equipments - 4:45 Mins

      1.7. Overcome the Limitations of Smartphones - 4:44 Mins

      Module 1 - Assignment

      Module 1 Survey

  • Module 2 - Techniques of Mobile Journalism
    2 Lectures
    02:54 Mins
    • 2.1. Techniques for Mobile Journalism - 2:34 Mins

      2.2. Report Writing and News Packaging - 4:23 Mins

      2.3. Key Skills Needed to be a Mobile Journalist - 7:53 Mins

      2.4. Packaging the News - 5:56 Mins

      2.5. Reporting from Smartphone - 5:16 Mins

      2.6. On Shoot Challenges - 7:05 Mins

      Module 2 - Assignment

      Module 2 Survey

  • Module 3 - Mobile News Package Development
    2 Lectures
    02:54 Mins
    • 3.1. Mobile News Packaging - 2:06 Mins

      3.2. PNG - The Rise of Portable News Gathering - 7:28 Mins

      3.3. MOJO Shoot - Checklist & Tips for a Perfect Shot - 8:22 Mins

      3.4. How to Take an Impactful Interview? - 9:12 Mins

      3.5. Voice-over Writing & Recording - 5:01 Mins

      3.6. Fundamentals of Editing Applications - 5:42 Mins

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Module 3 Survey

  • Module 4 - MOJO Broadcasting
    2 Lectures
    02:54 Mins
    • 4.1. MOJO Broadcasting - 1:30 Mins

      4.2. How to Do Live Streaming? - 9:09 Mins

      4.3. Practicing Citizen Journalism through YouTube - 7:04 Mins

      4.4. Correlation Between MOJO & Social Media - 7:03 Mins

      Module 4 - Assignment

      Module 4 Survey

      Course Survey

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

AAFT will help you become an industry accredited Mobile Journalist


Know Our Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Alokananda Sen Awasthi

Sr. Journalist

A renowned name in journalism, Alokananda Sen Awasthi has worked with reputed channels like News18 and IBN7. She has donned multiple hats of anchor, producer and reporter, which propels her as a mentor with extensive knowledge. She is eager to share her experience through this course and traverse academics’ realms and practical functions. She is also a visiting faculty at the Asian School of Media Studies.

Quotes-"As a mentor, my aim is not just to give you knowledge but see you at the pinnacle of success."

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Course Fees
INR 8,499 (inc. taxes)
EMI Option Available

Mobile Journalism with Alokananda Sen Awasthi