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4 weeks
04:00 hours per week
Performing Arts

Course Insights

A seemingly peaceful instrument capable of creating magic, the guitar can make you euphoric yet melancholy whenever it plays. It can wipe off the tears of sorrow yet touch the tender strings of the heart. Learn how to extract all the abstract emotions bound at your fingertips with this ubiquitous instrument. So, come join us in this enriching experience and delve into the chords and notes, which will become your identity by learning this art of six strings.

  • Course Highlights
      • Duration- 4 weeks
      • Learn From Industry Experts
      • Recorded Video Lectures & E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • Doubt-clearing Sessions
      • AAFT Alumni Status
      • Career Guidance
      • Digital Verified Certification
  • What you will learn
    • This 4-week course will help you understand the instrument and grasp the techniques of playing different musical styles on a guitar. You will study:

      • The history of the guitar and introduce you to the fundamentals of the instrument.
      • How to read music and understand the concepts of tone, note, chords and measures in a guitar.
      • How to create an ensemble or a band
      • How to develop self-promotion strategies
  • Pre-Requisites
    • Needless to say, you will require a guitar to ride the flow of the course. But being a good guitarist, there are certain things that you need to have:

      • A keen interest in music and compositions
      • Unwavering focus and the will to practice rigorously
      • Passion for creating something new
      • Exploring your own uniqueness

Career Prospects

Learning and mastering the guitar at a professional level, there is a gamut of career options that you can choose from.

Music composer

Lead guitarist in a band


Session guitarist

Recording artist

Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Course Synopsis

Industry-oriented courses by Industry experts → Learn real world applications by practitioners, not just theory.

  • Course Orientation
    03:40 Mins
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Introduction and History of Guitar
    6 Lectures
    02:40 Hours
    • 1.1. Introduction to Guitar

      1.2. Acoustic Guitars

      1.3. Origin of Electric Guitar

      1.4. Acoustic Vs Electronic Guitar

      1.5. Basic Build and Parts of a Guitar

      1.6. Inclusion in Electric Guitars

      Knowledge Check!

      Module 1 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 1

  • Module 2 - Fundamentals of Music
    5 Lectures
    03:15 Hours
    • 2.1. Introduction

      2.2. Music Fundamentals

      2.3. The Fundamentals of Music

      2.4. Music Theory

      Assignment- Music Theory

      Fundamentals of Music - Knowledge Check!

      Module 2 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 2

  • Module 3 - Classical Guitar
    7 Lectures
    03:30 Hours
    • 3.1. Basics of Classical Guitar

      3.2. Reading and Playing Sheet Music

      3.3. Note Value

      3.4. Playing Sheet Music of Guitar

      3.5. Left-Hand Concepts

      3.6. Notes on Fretboard

      3.7. Playing Basic Compositions

      Classical Guitar - Knowledge Check!

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 3

  • Module 4 - Playing Contemporary Guitar
    8 Lectures
    03:54 Hours
    • 4.1. Introduction to Strumming Patterns

      4.2. Strumming Techniques

      4.3. Chords and Chord Charts

      4.4. The Minor Chords

      4.5. Chord Charts and Strumming

      4.6. Reading Tablature

      4.7. Hammer on, Pull off and Slides

      4.8. Playing a Song

      Playing Contemporary Guitar - Knowledge Check!

      Module 4 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 4

  • Module 5 - How to be a Successful Musician
    7 Lectures
    03:00 Hours
    • 5.1. Jumpstart your Music Career

      5.2. Fundamentals of Composing Music

      5.3. Careers Options as a Guitarist

      5.4. Promoting Yourself as a Guitarist

      5.5. Promotion Through Music Videos

      5.6. Playing in Bands and Ensembles

      Successful Musician - Knowledge Check!

      Module 5 - Assignment

      5.7. Conclusion

      Survey End of Module 5

      Closure Survey

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

Become a professional Guitarist with AAFT


Know Our Experts

The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Azaan Khan

Singer, Guitarist, Song-writer Experience of more than ten years

Azaan Khan hails from a family of renowned musicians and has a rich pedigree that combines Indian and Western Classical music knowledge. He picked up the guitar at the tender age of 13, and since then, there has been no turning back. Trained by his father, Ustaad Shujaat Khan, in the art of music, Azaan expanded his knowledge as an alumnus of KMMC, AR Rahman’s music conservatory. He presents you with the techniques and details of the language of music, which will guide you towards the magic of six strings.

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Guitar with Azaan Khan