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10+ Amazing Radio Jockey Courses Online

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12 Amazing Radio Jockey Courses Online

The presenter of radio programs, a Radio Jockey presents a radio discussion show, podcast, or music broadcast. A Radio Jockey is a specialist who is in charge of delivering information and enjoyment via various radio programs. They are also referred to as radio DJs or RJs. Radio jockeys host programs for radio stations under the authority of their employer. Radio jockey duties include playing a range of music, occasionally focusing on a single genre. During the breaks between programs, radio jockeys not only play music but also talk about local, national, and international events as well as sports and the weather.

Introduction to Radio Jockey Courses

One of the most entertaining careers for young people nowadays is radio jockeying. Today, people with names like RJ Naved and RJ Raunak have enormous influence. Individuals who had previously begun to ignore and forget about radios now aspire to become well-known and successful radio jockeys. You may learn a lot and get a lot of credentials online to help you become a professional radio DJ. The finest colleges in the world provide the greatest radio jockey degrees online. You can complete a Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management and go on to pursue a career as a radio jockey (DRPM). Reading film, public speaking, technical writing, digital video production, ecology, and media discourses, etc. are among the topics covered in the Radio Jockey curriculum.

With Radio Jockey making a comeback as an exciting career option, you may enter this sector with ease because of the abundance of online courses and certifications offered by reputable sources. All you need to do is enroll in the top courses, utilize them effectively, and put the knowledge you learned at work to use.

There are more work options in this field than radio jockeying. In the radio industry, one can pursue occupations other than presenting their own radio shows, such as those as a producer, music manager, copywriter, playwright, creative engineer, marketing manager, etc.

Who Can Pursue a Radio Jockey Course?

  • The popular radio and television sector offers enticing and lucrative careers that benefit enthusiastic people.
  • RJ is a skilled radio host who is in charge of live event broadcasts. A few of the well-known things RJs do include facilitating news, music, and visit programs.
  • Those who exhibit traits like a strong connection with their listeners, initiative, a talent for storytelling, and the ability to speak clearly advance in their careers as presenters and radio jockeys.

Steps to Start a Career as a Radio Jockey

Mentioned below are a few steps that you should consider starting a career as a radio jockey:

  • Decision Making – Competitors should be aware that they may only choose this job after earning the required educational degree. An applicant who possesses strong communication skills, initiative, and a talent for telling tales, among other qualities, is ideal in this situation.
  • After high school, most people opt to pursue a career in the humanities. If you want to work in radio jockeying, you should enroll in an undergraduate degree in mass correspondence, media studies, or newscasting.
  • Post-Graduation – After receiving a PG recognition or confirmation in any discipline, the candidate must enroll in an optional course in radio jockeying, video jockeying, anchoring, or mass communication. These PG Diploma programs are one to two years long.
  • Graduation – To hone your skills and gain first-hand knowledge of the profession, you should understudy radio programs both during and after graduation. With such expertise on your resume, you’ll be much more equipped for a position as a radio jockey.
  • Early Career – In the early stages of your career, you might look for internship opportunities with All India Radio. To prepare the aspirants and familiarize them with sound/radio innovation, auditions are held every three months. RJs can earn up to INR 15,000 per month as new hires. Also, some radio shows compensate the RJs based on how many shows they do each week.

Types of Radio Jockey Courses Online to Pursue

Here are some of the top RJ courses online for aspiring RJs:

1. Diploma in Radio Jockeying

One of the online courses for radio jockeys may be used to master the fundamentals of the job as well as topics like community radio, radio journalism, voice-over, public speaking, intonation, and IPC. In this online course for radio jockeys, you will also learn about a variety of topics such as general understanding and music, contemporary RJ and their styles, and the fundamentals of voice and fluency. This radio jockey online course is open to everyone who has passed their 10+2.

Duration: 6 months

Platform: National Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

2. Diploma in News Reading, Anchoring, Radio Jockeying editing & Reporting

This is one of the other online radio jockey courses offered by the National Institute of Mass Communication in New Delhi. The course will provide you with the knowledge necessary to moderate an event while moderating a discussion show, as well as the ability to add effective promo and compose jingles while anchoring the event. In order to improve your presentation, you will also study the importance of rhythm in speech and the fundamentals of fluency. You must have finished 10+2 in order to enroll in this program to become an RJ.

Duration: 6 months

Platform: National Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

3. Introduction to Amateur Radio

This is one of the top online radio jockey courses created for fans of amateur radio and aspiring radio jockeys. Apart from a few questions that will help you get familiar with certain fundamental terms and a glossary in the field of radio communication, the course provides lessons on radio station licensing, content regulating bodies, and how to start as a newcomer in the field of radio. You will learn everything a beginner in radio jockeying needs to know through this course. This training is open to anybody who wishes to work as an RJ.

Duration: 40 minutes

Platform: Udemy

4. Radio Programming Director Guide

For those who are passionate about radio and want to establish a name for themselves in the radio industry, this online course for radio jockeys is a good fit. Whether you are a voice talent, promo producer, or on-air talent who aspires to eventually lead the programming department of an FM/AM music station, this is the ideal option for you. The course will assist you in comprehending the details involved in running a radio program, as well as how content plans are developed in a station. The abilities you need to be a successful RJ will be taught to you.

Duration: 36 minutes

Platform: Udemy

5. How To Start a Web Radio Station for Free

This training is for you if you want to advance your radio and communication skills. This is one of the best online courses for radio jockeys that will show you how to start your own radio station or channel. This course is for you if you want to build your own web-based radio station and are seeking a radio RJ course or Radio Podcaster. Moreover, it will show you how to market your station and generate income through advertisements.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Platform: Udemy

6. SAM Broadcaster – Start Your Own Internet Radio Station

This is one of the best online courses for radio jockeys and is perfect for anybody who wants to learn how to operate, set up, and automate an internet radio station using SAM Broadcaster. You will learn all you need to know to launch an Internet station using SAM Broadcaster from what a SAM broadcaster is to how to build one up in the online RJ course. You will also receive two downloadable materials and one article with 6.5 hours of on-demand video as part of this RJ training program. To enroll in this course, you should have a basic understanding of the Internet.

Duration: 6.5 hours

Platform: Udemy

7. Media Training Radio: How to Speak Effectively on the Radio

This particular RJ course aims to teach you how to talk persuasively in a way that appeals to everyone. While you cannot physically be seen when speaking on the radio, your voice and manner of speaking nonetheless leave an effect on the listeners. Also, you will have the ability to deliver a flawless interview on talk programs as well as speak and present on the radio. With this online radio jockey course, you will also learn about voice modulation and how it impacts speech.

Duration: 1 hour

Platform: Udemy

8. Radio Jockey Online Program

The MGM College of Journalism and Mass Communication offers some of the top radio DJ courses online. The ideal choice for aspiring RJs is this course since it will teach them how to use words and modulate their voices. The course is divided into four modules. Up to the third module, you will study voice modulation, accents, microphones, mixers, and consoles, as well as other radio production methods. In the fourth module, your instructor will give you a live demonstration. At the conclusion of the program, you are given a final assignment to complete. You will receive instruction from an expert who has worked at Radio Mirchi 98.3 and other stations as well as an internship at MGM Community Radio 90.8 through this radio RJ course. To be qualified for this course to become an RJ, you must have completed the 10th grade from a recognized board.

Duration: 2 months

Platform: MGM’s college of journalism and mass communication

9. Music Production Masterclass: How To Mix Radio-Worthy Beats

You will acquire practical techniques on how to plan your mix effectively to save time and perfect your track to make it BUMP on vehicle speakers or headphones in this significant radio jockey online course. This course will teach you all you need to know to create an ear-pleasing rhythm on your own. While creating your own radio channel, you will need to create your own songs and beats for the channel. For this training, you’ll need an audio workstation. Also, this course will help you comprehend the software required to edit audio and create a flawless mix. You must be familiar with using software and making your own music in order to be able to organize a full program on your own. This radio jockey online course will teach you these skills in an approachable manner.

Duration: 1 hour

Platform: Udemy

10. Sports Broadcasting: How To Be a Sports Radio Talk Show Host

This radio jockey certification program was put up by a former senior executive of ESPN and is intended for anyone with a passion for sports who wants to launch their own talk show. For those who are interested in using their own shows to share their expertise in sports, the radio jockey training online is best suited. You will be taught the qualities of an announcer by a person with extensive experience, both in this business and in recruiting others into it. You may enroll in this RJ course online, which includes a six-hour video, two downloadable materials, and a certificate of accomplishment.

Duration: 2 hours

Platform: Udemy

11. How To Make Money With Internet Radio Podcast

You will need to learn how to make money from your work in addition to creating your own web show. You’ll learn how to monetize your internet radio podcasts in this additional top-rated radio jockey course online. You wouldn’t want to spend time creating your podcasts on something that doesn’t pay you anything. As a result, this course will help you comprehend concepts that will enable you to learn how to make money through podcasting and Internet radio. Also, you will get knowledge on a variety of subjects, including radio podcast market penetration, social media podcast marketing, and how to increase your podcast’s audience.

Duration: 5 hours

Platform: Udemy

12. How To Start a Web Radio Station for Free

This training is for you if you want to advance your radio and communication skills. This is one of the best online courses for radio jockeys that will show you how to start your own radio station or channel. This course is for you if you want to build your own web-based radio station and are seeking a radio RJ course or radio podcaster. Moreover, it will show you how to market your station and generate income through advertisements.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Platform: Udemy

Different Types of Radio Jockey Courses

You may enroll in several kinds of radio jockey courses online. However, if you are a working professional or a student and want to enrol in an online course that will offer you a brief understanding of radio jockeying and help you hone your skills in a few months or so, such possibilities are also accessible. These online short courses will aid in your education, provide a quick overview of the field, and explain how to launch a career as a radio jockey. Some of the courses you may take to become a radio jockey are listed below.

1. Radio Jockey

This certification course will help you boost your RJ profession and amuse people throughout the world with your amusing banter. Students are introduced to the brand-new, interesting curriculum in this course. Speaking techniques, voice modulation, and radio program script writing will all be covered. Also, you will learn everything there is to know about radio station technology. You will study the development and history of radio in this course. As you learn more, you will learn about the various duties a radio station must do as well as those of a radio jockey in both the social and business spheres. Also, you’ll discover how to create a radio show’s layout and script. This course is open to anybody who is interested in beginning a career as a Radio Jockey, including working professionals and students.

Duration: 4 weeks

Platform: AAFT Online

2. Radio Jockey Online Class

Join this engaging online training course if being an RJ is your ambition and start your career off on the right foot. At Mirage, you may develop your personality and become a powerful communicator by learning RJ techniques. Your professional, social, and personal lives will all be enhanced by this. Also, it will allow you access to the mysterious realm of media. Training at the Mirage Film Institute will improve your skills and give you the assurance you need to become a competent RJ. You will learn how to create, script, and present radio shows, as well as how to prepare content, conduct VIP interviews, host events, and much more. For training, we broadcast live mock radio shows.

Duration: 2 months

Platform: Mirage Film Institute

Radio Jockey Courses Syllabus

The following is the fundamental training module or syllabus for a radio jockey course:

  • Working on Voice Technique
  • Experience in Transmission System
  • Music programming training
  • Voice Modulation
  • Use of Microphones
  • OB Recording & Live shows
  • Training of Console
  • Working of Broadcast and System Console
  • Live Break Training
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Console Handling
  • Radio Audience measurement system
  • Other Subjects in Radio Jockey
  • This program includes a few more subjects which are mentioned below:
  • Communication Theories
  • Radio news
  • Advertising, PR, and Marketing
  • TV Journalism
  • Print Journalism

Radio Jockey Courses Scope & Career Options

There are several options available after taking radio jockey courses, some of which include:

  • Interaction with an audience: These are programs or podcasts with a special focus on audience interaction between RJ and listeners.
  • Satellite Radio Jockeys: Satellite radio jockeys play a role similar to that of FM or AM radio station hosts. Usually, they play or speak clearly without considering how the situation can be affected. They are not run by a board of directors.
  • FM/AM Radio Jockeys: Radio jockeys on FM and AM stations have a variety of responsibilities, including interacting with listeners and providing music, talk, or both. They typically participate in public radio programs.
  • Sports Talk Radio Jockeys: It is important for the Sports Talk Radio Jockey to interact with viewers in order to study various sports-related news and events. The hosts of Sports Talk Radio must be either former rivals, TV anchors, or sportswriters.
  • DJ at a public radio station
  • Show live chat programs or music
  • Station Manager
  • Announcer

Salary After Pursuing Radio Jockey Courses

  • A radio jockey may earn between INR 15,000 and INR 45,000 in income. If the RJ receives the typical 1,500–2,500 each show.
  • The RJ makes a salary of roughly INR 45,000 and higher in the Tier 1 cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.
  • While in Tier 2 cities, they are paid between 20,000 and 45,000. Finally, they are offered INR 7,000 to 20,000 in tier 3 cities.
  • If an experienced Rj has been working in radio for more than 5-7 years, his salary will be between INR 75,000 and INR 90,000.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Creating radio program scripts. Everything word you speak live must be precisely timed for songs, commercial breaks, etc.; therefore, it must be prepared and practiced beforehand to prevent errors. This takes into account things like interviews, listener calls, advertising material, and more!
  • Arranging music for transmission in a deliberate manner. Together with the script, you will also be playing a variety of music and melodies that fit your program’s topic and appeal to your audience’s preferences. This entails identifying the songs that your radio station has the right to play and putting them into playlists in accordance with your daily script. For this duty, you will often collaborate with the producer of your program.
  • Conducting interviews with visitors and famous people. Your presentation can draw actors and actresses who want to advertise their movies. Your audience will need to “hear” you interacting with fresh and fascinating individuals and paying attention to your talks with them.
  • The creation of program schedules. You will need to stay current with global events and provide pertinent morsels to your audience if you want listeners to tune in to programs based on the newest trends and themes.
  • Keeping the audience updated with news, traffic, weather reports, sports, and other latest information. Many people listen to the radio while driving/traveling, so you will become their sole source for all relevant information they might need during their journey.
  • Planning promotional competitions. Brands are typically used in this activity. You will need to create fun competitions for your listeners to enter to win prizes provided by the brands.
  • Being knowledgeable about audio technology and sound gear. The majority of your work takes place in a studio, so being good with computers will help you produce a great show for broadcast.

Skills Required for Radio Jockey Courses

The skill set needed to be a radio jockey is highly sophisticated. However, since the industry’s expectations have constantly changed, a radio jockey nowadays undertakes a wide range of duties, including interviewing, providing news and traffic updates, advertising, and much more. In addition to enrolling in a radio jockey degree, many people decide to further their expertise by earning a diploma in music or film production. The following are a radio jockey’s necessary skills:

  • Clarity of Voice: As an RJ, neither you nor your listeners are able to see one another. So, your voice is the only channel you have to communicate with them. Your tone should be lighthearted, your voice clear, and your message concise. Your success will be greatly impacted by the tone, modulation, and delivery style of your voice.
  • Communication Skills: Your amazing voice wouldn’t go you very far if you didn’t have communication abilities. Watch motivational speeches by influential people, engage in self-directed self-talk, and learn and develop your communication abilities.
  • Confidence: Maybe the most important attribute an RJ should possess is confidence. Boring speakers are not enjoyable to listen to. You should be able to convey confidence and passion via your voice. How successful you will be as an RJ is also influenced by your confidence. Have faith in your abilities and know that you will succeed.
  • Presence of Mind: Multitasking is a regular duty for an RJ. You will always have a job available to you. Thus, you must remain concentrated while on air. Distractions must not be allowed to affect your mood. In fact, you’ll need mental clarity to tackle any unforeseen problems that may arise while you’re living.
  • Interest in Music: If you take away the musical component of radio jockeying, the entire arena will collapse. You must love music to be a radio host. A big part of keeping listeners interested and amused is music. To guarantee that your listeners hear quality music, you must have good taste in music.
  • General Knowledge: An RJ’s role is to remain current on all significant ongoing issues, both locally and globally. You must interact with every listener and keep the discourse from getting boring. You may accomplish this by keeping up with current happenings in sports, weather, politics, and other areas.
  • Humor and Wit: A magical ingredient, humor. If you have the capacity to comment and speak with wit, you can quickly connect with your listeners. When you use humor to flatter your listeners, you’ll make a lasting impact.
  • Be Punctual: Every predetermined day, a precise time must be set for your show to air. Thus, it’s crucial to understand the value of time and manage it well. Life skills in the industry include starting a show on time and finishing it exactly on time. Beginning a concert after its scheduled time might confuse the schedules of subsequent presentations and leave a terrible impression on your audience. These characteristics qualify you for this challenging yet enjoyable work. Always keep in mind that in order for the magic to happen when you talk as an RJ. Thus, continue honing your techniques!
  • Flexible and Adaptable: This implies that you should be able to adjust yourself to the situation so that your listeners won’t feel disinterested while you speak if an emergency comes, and you have to speak to them promptly. Be impulsive and quick-witted to sustain the personal relationship that listening fosters with the listener.

A Radio Jockey course places you in a position to investigate lucrative job opportunities in the media sector if you are an aspiring professional. Leveraging Edu’s AI-based tool can help you identify the Media and entertainment sector employment opportunities that best suit your interests and career goals.

Radio Jockey Courses: Top Recruiters

The radio sector has a fairly broad pool of candidates. Some of the best radio stations that a potential RJ may contact to be hired include:

  • Radio Mirchi 98.3
  • Fever 104 FM
  • Red FM 93.5
  • Times FM
  • Radio Mirchi
  • All India Radio
  • Big FM 92.7
  • TED

What Will the Workplace Look Like

The finest part is this. Your professional life will be fantastic! You’ll be at the radio station most of the time. You could also work sometimes outside of it. You’ll frequently encounter famous people and celebrities on radio networks, which play a significant part in the media sector. Your work schedule would be rather erratic if you were an RJ. Depending on the nature of the program, you could have to start working as early as 5 am in the morning or stay up all night. To succeed in this sector, you need to have a strong sense of enthusiasm for your work.


You need to be enthusiastic, work hard, and most importantly, pay attention if you want a successful career in this industry. If you don’t have any interest in a certain area, you won’t be able to give it your all. Hence, in order to perform at your best, the fundamental prerequisite is to do so with distinction. You must walk through the depths of that grind in order to do it. Despite the fact that it takes time, working as an RJ is generally enjoyable and one learns a lot. So, the person who enjoys having talks and who speaks truthfully may shine in this arena. If you strive and have a consistent nature, you can have a successful career in this field.

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