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Interior Design Courses

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5 Best Online Interior Design Courses For Beginners in 2024

Table Of Contents

What is Interior Design Course?
A Career in the Interior Designing Field
How to Become an Interior Designer
Different Types of Interior Design Online Courses
Why Study Interior Designing Courses Online & Its Benefits
Interior Designing in the Commercial Sector
Salary of Interior Designers in India
Career Prospects in Interior Design Course
Top Interior Designers in India

What is Interior Design Course?

Interior design is both an art and a science. In other words, interior design is the practice of decorating the interiors of both public and private spaces. It also aims to improve the comfort and health of any people or animals who utilize the interior. An interior designer is in charge of planning, doing research, organizing, and overseeing such projects, as well as designing the interiors. Students are educated about all of the aforementioned topics in an interior design course. 

Space planning, conceptual development, site inspections, research, programming, carrying out the design, overseeing construction, etc. are all taught in an interior design course. All stakeholders must be regularly communicated with by interior designers in order to keep them informed of the status of the projects they are working on. In the modern world, courses in interior design are becoming more popular. Many of us wish we had the time to pursue our aspirations of becoming interior designers. Online education is also growing in popularity as a substitute due to the high costs of traditional education. 

In fact, an increasing number of studies indicate that online education in Interior Design may be just as successful as conventional, in-person teaching. Fortunately, you do not have to put off following your aspirations until you somehow find the time or money to do so. These are non-degree courses that may be taken without any prerequisites or a bachelor’s degree. Your laptop, a love of interior design, and some dedication are all you need. 

A Career in the Interior Designing Field 

Today’s society places a high value on visual appeal in both homes and workplaces, creating a large need for interior designers. For those with the necessary skills and expertise, a career in this line of work may be extremely gratifying. You should be aware that interior designers encounter certain difficulties on a daily basis before considering a profession in this sector. Some of these difficulties might not appeal to you, while others might unduly excite you and provide you access to a well-thought-out profession that you would not have ever considered feasible. 

How to Become an Interior Designer 

While furniture, textiles, and color certainly play a significant role in the subject of interior design, interior designers also have a lot of additional work to complete. The history of design, building codes, the structural integrity of buildings, spatial ideas, ergonomics, computer-aided drawing (CAD), ethics, psychology, and many other subjects must all be included in interior designers’ education. 

It could appear that interior designers should be masters of all trades. Designers must deal with not just homeowners but also architects, builders, business owners, and governmental organizations, necessitating a broad variety of skill sets. You must be well-rounded and educated if you want to become a professional interior designer.  

An effective interior designer should be able to lead a customer toward a desirable result while still making them feel as though they have complete control over design decisions. This requires strong people management abilities. Interior designers must always strike a balance between their own preferences and those of their clients. As a result, courses in interior design also educate students on how to interact professionally with customers and communicate successfully. 

Different Types of Interior Design Online Courses 

Today, there are several online Interior Design courses available online. Some of the Interior Design courses that AAFT Online offers are listed below. These courses offer a carefully thought-out syllabus that was created with input from professionals in the field. Having knowledge of the topic and the necessary skills can help you succeed in any sector, and AAFT Online helps achieve the same. The online Interior Design courses provided by AAFT Online are jam-packed with the information and expertise you’ll need to launch your career in this field. Let’s look at the Interior Design courses that AAFT Online offers: 

1. Diploma in Interior Design –  AAFT Online

The Diploma in Interior Design offered by AAFT Online prepares you to work in partnership with architects and assist in planning and strategizing the layout of an establishment, be it a house, an office, or any other commercial complex. In this course, you will explore the fundamental concepts of Interior design and examine the work of several notable interior designers. Interior designers are involved in all facets of ‘aesthetics,’ including designing the structure and layout, selecting color schemes, selecting appropriate furniture, and decorating the business in question. This course will acquaint you with all of these crucial components. A total of 29 modules make up the course syllabus. The course is designed to be self-paced. If you devote 5 hours a week to it, you can finish it in one year. 

Highlights of this Course 

  • Duration- 1 Year 
  • Live Virtual Classes 
  • Learn From Industry Experts 
  • Recorded Video Lectures 
  • Downloadable Content / E-Workbooks 
  • Live Doubt-clearing Sessions 
  • AAFT Alumni Status 
  • Placement Assistance 
  • Digital Verified Certification 

You will learn: 

You will analyze the work of a number of renowned interior designers and explore the fundamental concepts of interior design in this course. 

You will go through the understanding of:  

  • Theory of Design  
  • Analytical Drawing  
  • Technical Drawings and Computer Applications 
  • Interior Landscape  
  • Principles of Interior Designing 
  • Portfolio Designing 
  • History of Interior Design  
  • computer-aided design and drafting (CAD)
  • Freehand Drawing & Geometric Construction 
  • Estimation Costing  
  • Furniture & Furnishings  
  • Design & Crafting  
  • Entrepreneurship Development

2. Udemy Online Interior Design Courses

There are many different courses available on Udemy, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The Udemy courses are good since they take very little time and can be fit into practically anyone’s schedule. “Interior Design 101” by Michael Neatu is among the top online courses in interior design available on Udemy. There are 84 brief lectures in the course’s 17.5 hours. With Udemy, you are unable to audit courses for free, but you may take advantage of the significant discounts that are frequently provided. The instructor of “Interior Design 101” concentrates on the sketching and graphical drawing abilities needed for interior design work. You’ll learn how to express yourself effectively and sketch in an architecturally accurate manner. 

3. Interior Design Course by The Designer’s Class

The decision to enroll in the designer’s class online can help you start a career in interior design. Candidates for their Interior Design program have access to a wide range of options, including internships with professionals in the field. Design’s vision and goal are defined by their enthusiasm, and they sincerely think that design is accessible to all people. The pace of learning is flexible for students in The Designer’s Class. There are 8 assignments and 9 lessons in this course, which is accessible for 1 year. 

4. Lynda Interior Design and Visualisation Courses

Can you picture your mood board and ideas coming to life as a fully usable space? For interior designers who want to see their ideas come to life, 3D visualization, software rendering, and drawing are essential abilities. For those who want to work in interior design, understanding interior design software is essential given the variety of lighting effects, furnishings, and materials. For the purpose of visualizing interior environments, Lynda provides a variety of Revit, Rhino, 3Ds Max, and Sketchup courses. The courses offered by Lynda, a well-known online learning platform, are succinct and to the point, with each video session lasting no more than one to two hours. 

5. Interior Design Course Online – Shaw Academy

Another top online Interior Design school with certifications to help you get started is this one. It will provide you with the practical skills you need to start and manage your own design projects as well as your own interior design company. Also, you will learn how to evaluate trends and convey ideas through sketches and design concepts in this online interior design certificate course. The duration of this course is 116 weeks. 

Why Study Interior Designing Courses Online & Its Benefits 

Online education is quickly gaining popularity as a substitute for traditional education because of the high cost of conventional courses and the lack of time to follow one’s interest, especially for creative courses like Interior Design. An online Interior Design course is therefore ideal for you if you have the necessary skills and interests for creating a house, workplace, or any other area. 

Via online lectures and classes, anybody in the globe may learn Interior Design from the best universities and experts in the field. Institutions, online learning platforms, and well-known interior designers all offer interior design courses online. These online courses in Interior Design help students with the process of conceptual creation while also exposing them to the most modern interior designs. Several of these online Interior Design courses are certification programs, and following successful completion, students receive a certificate that may be shared. This enables portfolio construction and demonstrates subject-matter expertise. 

There are often no specific requirements for admission to online Interior Design programs because the goal of these programs is to help students improve their already-existing skill sets. Class 10, Class 12, graduation, or post-graduate are all acceptable times to enroll in the course. Online Interior Design course fees may differ compared to on-campus courses. 

Interior Designing in the Commercial Sector 

There are several categories into which commercial interior design may be divided, including: 

  • Retail Design: It involves designing the interiors of shopping malls, department stores, showrooms, specialty stores, etc. 
  • Healthcare: It involves creating the interiors of both public and private medical institutions, including mental facilities, labs, maternity clinics, and offices for dentists and doctors. 
  • Corporate: It consists of creating interior designs for various types of offices.  
  • Hospitality and Entertainment: It involves interior design for lodging facilities, vacation spots, dining establishments, cafés, nightclubs, concert halls, theaters, and opera houses as well as for sporting arenas, gyms, spas, and health clubs. 
  • Industries and Factories: It includes creating various industrial buildings, factories, training centers, building sites, etc. 
  • Institutional: It includes government agencies, financial institutions, schools, colleges, and universities. 
  • Religious Place: It involves mosques, gurudwaras, ashrams, churches, and other places of worship. 
  • Exhibition: It involves places like exhibition halls, museums, and art galleries. 
  • Public Infrastructure: It involves creating the interiors of airports, train stations, bus terminals, and metro stations. 
  • Sports: There are basketball courts, gyms, swimming pools, and stadiums involved. 

Salary of Interior Designers in India 

Interior designers’ pay is solely based on the business they are employed for. Large construction enterprises and fashion corporations with headquarters in major cities may have to pay much more than interior design firms with headquarters in tier 2 cities. Experience has a significant impact on the profession, therefore individuals with more experience are paid significantly more than those who are more recent graduates. The likelihood of receiving a bigger pay structure increases with certain talents like Corel Draw, SketchUp, etc. 

Career Prospects in Interior Design Course

You will have a wide range of job options after completing this Interior Design Diploma, some of which are listed below: 

  • Interior Designer  
  • Industrial Designer  
  • Design Manager  
  • Interior Decorator  
  • Home Designer 
  • Design Journalist 
  • Bedroom Designer  
  • Interior and spatial designer  
  • Exhibition designer  
  • Production designer, theatre/TV/film 
  • Visual merchandiser  
  • Landscape Architect  
  • Construction Manager  
  • Certified kitchen designers  
  • Corporate designers  
  • Furniture arrangers  
  • Healthcare designers  
  • Home lighting advisers  
  • Kitchen and bath designers  
  • Sustainable designers  
  • Universal designers 

Top Interior Designers in India 

What does Indian interior design involve? A designer is a person with a lot of creativity. The best interior designers consistently create work that appeals to a wide audience and inspires millions of individuals. Pinky Pandit in Gurgaon, Kayzad Shroff and Milin Pai in Mumbai, and Hamida Sharma in Hyderabad are some of the best designers in the country. 


Interior design is a lucrative profession. Interior design is a fairly broad field that not only includes theoretical techniques but also places equal emphasis on creating beautiful, lifelike interior environments and conducting site inspections. After you have the knowledge and skills required for this field, you can pursue a variety of work opportunities. Online design courses have the same impact as traditional courses. You can take interior design courses after 12th grade as some institutes may have qualifying requirements. 

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