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How to Start as a Fashion Designer Career: Complete Guide

One of the most creative and in-demand professions in the world is fashion design. It is especially for individuals who enjoy researching fashion trends, drawing patterns, and coming up with original, creative ideas for the world of style. Have you ever wondered how to begin a career in fashion design? To start a career in this sector, you will need to enroll in a basic design certificate or degree program. This may teach you the nuances of creating clothing and garments as well as the newest trends. 

What is Fashion Design?

 Fashion designing is the profession of creating personalized clothing and lifestyle items, and it is now a viable career path. It is a promising career that provides a high package in the glamorous business while also being innovative. However, it is a tough industry since it requires both creativity and strong administrative abilities. You have found the ideal piece to reinforce the decision you have made if you have the ability to work magic with colors, shapes, designs, cuts, and fabrics. 

Haute couture and ready-to-wear are the two fundamental subcategories of contemporary fashion design. The haute couture line is made especially for a select group of clients and is tailored to their specific measurements. A designer must be a member of the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture and display a minimum of 35 distinct outfits each time they present a new collection twice a year in order to be considered a haute couture house. 

Large production runs are more suited for ready-to-wear collections since they are standard-sized rather than custom-created. Additionally, they are divided into two groups: confection collections and designer collections. Designer collections have a distinctive design in addition to a higher level of quality and finish. They frequently embody a certain concept and are produced to make a point rather than to be sold. On international catwalks, ready-to-wear and haute-couture collections are displayed. 

What does a Fashion Designer Do?

There are multiple tasks that fashion designers do. Below mentioned are some tasks that they perform: 

  • Creating a design process from the first idea to the finished product. 
  • Doing market research, keeping up with fabric and technique trends, and looking for creative inspiration 
  • Updating the designs in-stream and coming up with fresh ideas 
  • Choosing appropriate fabrics and snips 
  • Creating designs for customized packaging 
  • Coordinating with the technical team to ensure the accuracy of the packages. 
  • Product rechecking before presentations 
  • Presenting clients with a story, theme, and seasonal boards 

Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing

There are several job opportunities in fashion design. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Fashion Designer 
  • Retail Buyer 
  • Rental Manager 
  • Fashion Stylist 
  • Jewellery and Footwear Designer 
  • Personal Shopper 
  • Makeup Artist 
  • Fashion Model 
  • Fashion Photographer 
  • Fashion Journalist 
  • Textile Designer 

1. Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are inextricably tied to the business and require no introduction as a career. If you consider yourself to be a fashion enthusiast, you may be familiar with the work of prominent Indian fashion designers like Varun Bahl, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, etc. They were successful in changing Bollywood’s fashion landscape. A skilled designer handles every aspect, from designs to textures and patterns; from arranging clothes to appearances. 

2. Retail Buyer

Once you follow this line of work, you will be quite knowledgeable about what outfits look fantastic on particular individuals. As a retail shopper, you have the option of setting up your own business and selling your own goods or purchasing goods from additional creators. If done properly, this industry may be rather lucrative.  Enrol in Retail Management Course

3. Retail Manager

It might be quite satisfying to land a position at a small shop, department store, or well-known company like Lifestyle, Zara, Emporio Armani, etc. A retail manager is responsible for assigning daily goals to the workforce and determining if marketing and promotions are running well or not. 

4. Fashion Stylist

When it comes to a career in this industry, this is one of the most challenging and fascinating work profiles. As a fashion stylist, it is your responsibility to choose the best pieces from a designer’s collection or wardrobe in consideration of the body type, preferences and likes of your customers. A stylish look after a person’s general appearance as well as cosmetics, accessories, and haircuts. Check out Fashion Stylist Course from AAFT Online

5. Textile Designer

A textile designer creates 2D distinctive or repeated patterns for knit, woven, and printed materials. These materials can be used to create clothing or soft furnishings for interior spaces. In both industrial and non-industrial contexts, textile designers may work solo or as a team. To create textures and patterns, the majority of textile designers utilize CAD. 

6. Jewellery and Footwear Designing

A separate segment within the industry that supports the textile sector is jewelry and footwear. After all, even the ideal clothing is incomplete without the appropriate footwear and accessories. Online Jewellery Design Courses help you to make a career in this field 

7. Personal Shopper

Are you a die-hard shopper? It’s time to celebrate since a personal shopper is a professional who assists brides, celebs, and also everyday snappy dressers who want to dress sharply in selecting the greatest dresses from the hangers. But keep in mind! To negotiate the best offers, choose the finest stores, and choose the styles and brands that best meet the needs of the customer, you must be a professional. 

8. Makeup Artist

A makeup artist takes care of the body’s extra look, including skincare, hairstyles, grooming, and anything else. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that makeup artists vary from beauticians as they are not constrained to conventional cosmetic procedures. For bridal makeup, pre-wedding photo sessions, weddings, fashion shows, celebrities, and models, makeup artists are employed.  AAFT’s Makeup Artist Course will help you to start your career in Makeup Artist 

9. Fashion Model

A model is someone who performs and walks on a runway to demonstrate the newest trends in order to pitch commercial goods. Some fashion designers dress themselves to represent themselves, and others may use models to advertise their products. 

If we consider the overall pattern, many fashion models have joined modeling agencies. These organizations serve as a link between prospects and models. And did you know that a lot of fashion designers won’t use models unless a modeling agency provides them? 

Top Fashion Designers in The World

Mentioned below are some of the top fashion designers in the world: 

  1. Sabyasachi 
  2. Guccio Gucci 
  3. Halston Designer 
  4. John Galliano 
  5. Gabrielle Chanel 
  6. Bob Mackie 
  7. Roy Halston 
  8. Cristobal Balenciaga 
  9. Sobia Nazir 
  10. Elsa Schiaparelli 
  11. Riccardo Tisci 
  12. Faiza Saqlain 
  13. Roy Halston Frowick 
  14. Hubert De Givenchy 
  15. Farah Talib Aziz 
  16. Alber Elbaz

Fashion Design Career in India

It is one of the most alluring professions. For individuals who are truly enthusiastic about creating art, it opens up a lot of chances. Talented designers can pursue a career in fashion design in India to become famous, wealthy, and glamorous. 

  1. Textile Export Houses 
  2. Fashion Boutiques 
  3. Work as an Independent and Self-employed 
  4. Textile or Fabric Manufacturing Units 
  5. Retail Chains 
  6. Fashion Brand Showrooms 
  7. TV and Film Industry 
  8. Teach The Course in Institutes 

Qualifications to Become a Fashion Designer

 To land fashion designing jobs in India a diploma or degree in fashion design, fashion technology, textile design, or a related area is the minimum requirement. After completing your 12th-grade year, you can pursue bachelor’s degrees in this field in India by passing the NID test, the UCEED exam, the CEED exam, or the NIFT exam. There are also several short-term and diploma programs available. 

Is Fashion Designing a Good Career?

It is one of the most desirable professions worldwide which is why there is a big scope for fashion design in India. Being a very creative profession, it may allow you to mash up cultures, go from traditional to modern dress, and even experiment with color schemes! You may be the narrator for each clothing-unique tale. 

  • Your greatest level of satisfaction would come from a profession in fashion design. 
  • You can build your brand from scratch if you are your own boss. 
  • Your perspective on the world will alter since the profession is so creative and enjoyable. 
  • Almost every product will come with a sizable margin from the market. 
  • Your profession provides you with the chance to become well-known for what you do. 
  • Due to the fact that consumers might originate from any location in the world, you will have several opportunities to travel internationally. 
  • Prepare yourself to deal with a variety of jobs coming to one workplace. 
  • If you want to work in this industry, you can also have the possibility to meet famous individuals and those who share your enthusiasm for fashion design. 

Salary in Fashion Designing

The estimated salary for people who are interested in advancing their careers in fashion design is provided below: 

Profiles  Initial Salary  Mediocre Salary  Senior Level Salary 
Fashion Stylist  1,50,000  3,70,000  6,50,000 
Textile Designer  1,80,000  3,50,000  12,00,000 
Retail Manager  1,80,000  5,00,000  9,50,000 

Fashion Designer Courses

 For a fashion designer career, several institutions and universities throughout the world provide a variety of programs. 

Diploma Courses After 10th in Fashion Design

  • Diploma in Fashion Design 
  • Diploma in Fashion Technician 
  • Diploma in Fashion Stylist 
  • Diploma in Vogue Fashion Certificate 
  • Diploma in Design for Fashion and Textiles 

Fashion Design Courses After 12th

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Bachelor in Textile Design 
  • BSc Fashion Designing 
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology 
  • BA Hons in Fashion Design and Manufacture 
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design & Management 
  • BA Hons in Fashion Design & Creative Direction 

Courses at Master’s Level

  • Master in Sustainable Fashion Design 
  • Master of Fashion Management 
  • Master’s Program in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design 
  • Master in Fashion Collection Management 
  • Master in Fashion Brand Management 
  • Master in Fashion Technology 
  • MA in Fashion Design Technology 

Pros of a Career in Fashion Designing

Working in the fashion design field has several advantages. 

  • There is creativity all around you. 
  • If you enjoy new outfits and styles, this is the job for you. 
  • The fashion business may be incredibly glamorous to work in. 
  • People who are tenacious and hardworking abound in the field. 
  • In the fashion sector, you frequently receive freebies and presents. 

Cons of a Career in Fashion Designing

Even if the profession is all glitz and glamorous, it is impossible to ignore its drawbacks. 

  • To meet deadlines, you must put in a lot of time. 
  • The work is very difficult, and the criticism is sometimes severe. 
  • It may be an extremely demanding career with little work-life balance. 
  • The market is very cutthroat and vast. 
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