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6 Unforgettable PR Campaigns: The Secrets Behind Their Success

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We think it’s getting more difficult to have your brand acknowledged instead of simply visible. Digital technologies and global talent access are decreasing the entrance barrier for new companies. There are as many different types of effective PR campaigns as there are brands. What could be cutting-edge and pertinent for one business may be completely off-key for another.

However, while creating a thorough PR strategy for your brand, it might still be beneficial to consider the PR achievements of other businesses. So, let’s look at 6 significant PR successes from businesses in diverse sectors and discuss critical lessons to help your next brand PR campaign effort be more effective.

Table of content

What is a PR Campaign
Why Should Campaigns be Part of Your PR Strategy
How Does a PR Campaign Work
6 Successful PR Campaigns from Innovative Companies

What is a PR Campaign?

Let’s start by defining the term. A PR campaign is a collection of organized activities intended to promote a business or brand. The majority of PR initiatives have clear commercial objectives, such as increasing website traffic, spreading awareness of a new product, or raising awareness of a cause. Activities are completed within a time limit that is pertinent to the overall objective. A solid communication plan is essential to every PR effort. Create the appropriate message for the people you want to reach. Pick the appropriate platforms for your message. Recognize any potential listeners, such as your competitors. Your brand may begin to establish a favorable relationship with the public by using communication as its cornerstone.

Why Should Campaigns be Part of Your PR Strategy?

Consumers may find your public relations strategy refreshing in a world dominated by sales messages and calls to action. The public is not being requested to provide anything in return by the brand. A PR campaign, in contrast, offers the audience the chance to learn more about the company without being under any obligation to buy.

Customers might let down their guard and become more open to your business by removing this pressure. A clever marketing strategy gets past their internal “ad blockers.” Campaigns are about your brand identification as much as the goods or services you offer. Brands may increase their trust with their audiences and forge stronger media relations as a consequence of a successful PR strategy. Brand identities grow more potent and distinctive. And sales frequently come as a natural consequence.

How Does a PR Campaign Work?

Every PR strategy starts with an objective. You could wish to draw attention to a rebranding effort or a new product. Or perhaps you wish to improve your brand’s reputation after receiving some unfavorable press. Whatever your objective, choose one at the outset of your PR campaign and work backward to determine the best strategy for conveying your message.

Some public relations efforts consist just of a well-written news release issued to major media outlets, such as through a press distribution service. The press release may be picked up by news media sites, blogs, and other publications and shared on their channels. You may also distribute this news release through your outlets, including a website, blog, email list, and social media.

You might even decide to start a social PR campaign exclusively. To assist you spread the word, social media PR focuses on your social audiences and uses likes, shares, and comments. To broaden the reach of your PR strategy, you may also buy advertisements. However, some corporate pr campaigns go over and above with their exposure. For instance, during Red Bull’s New Moon event, stuntmen in wingsuits with fireworks descended from the sky, giving the impression that UFOs were touching down on Earth.

6 Successful PR Campaigns from Innovative Companies

There are several pr campaign examples that you can read and follow. We have mentioned some of the most successful and best PR events for you below:

1. Lego Rebuild the World

Lego’s Rebuild the World campaign, its first worldwide public relations effort in decades, aimed to encourage children’s and adults’ creative thinking. Lego requested consumers to contribute images of their creations as part of a PR effort, and these images were combined to create a 3D globe on the company’s website. To view what others throughout the world have made, users may pan and rotate the globe. The best thing is that Rebuild the World perfectly embodied Lego’s overarching brand identity, striking the right mix between aspirational and entertaining.

2. Ikea #StayHome

We saw several “stay home”-related digital marketing and PR initiatives throughout the epidemic, such as Uber’s “Thank You for Not Riding” and Burger King’s “Stay Home of the Whopper.” As one of the biggest marketers of home furnishings worldwide, Ikea did have a slight edge here, but its #StayHome PR effort was nonetheless impressive—touching, comforting, and hopeful.

3. Dove #TheSelfieTalk Campaign

In order to engage your audience and get a reaction, PR and social media work hand in hand. Engaging your audience in a communication campaign produces user-generated material that inevitably increases the effectiveness of your campaign. Dove, a pioneer in body positivity for women, upholds its brand with its most recent social PR initiative, #TheSelfieTalk. The initiative, which targets young girls and women, is a tiny part of the larger #NoDigitalDistortion movement, which aims to promote body image. The company’s promotion includes two digital download kits: one for instructors and one for parents. Each package has discussion topics for teaching young people about selfies, embracing uniqueness, and body acceptance.

4. BBC’s Peaky Blinders Fan Art Campaign

Fan art is in a league of its own, however, shockingly few businesses share this “unofficial” perspective, despite the fact that it’s perhaps the finest source of user-generated material a brand could ever hope for. The exception to this rule was the television program Peaky Blinders, which in 2019 invited viewers to provide artwork for the show’s new season’s graphics. This reinforced the bond between the program’s producers and ardent fans of the show while also generating interest among casual viewers and those who weren’t yet fans—it was a win-win situation.

5. Nike’s Just Do It’ Campaign

One of the most effective PR campaigns in history was this one. Simple but effective, “Just Do It” has come to represent Nike’s corporate identity. The campaign’s encouraging theme inspires people to push themselves outside their comfort zones and accomplish their goals, which contributes to its popularity. Nike has utilized the advertising campaign to highlight its products as instruments for assisting users in realizing their athletic potential. Famous athletes that personify Nike’s brand ideals of tenacity, perseverance, and greatness, such as Serena Williams and Michael Jordan, have been highlighted in the “Just Do It” advertising campaign.

6. Red Bull’s ‘Stratos’ Campaign

Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking “Red Bull Stratos” plunge from the brink of space in 2012. With over 52 million YouTube views and millions of dollars in earned media attention, the campaign was a huge success. The campaign was effective because it demonstrated the extreme sports and adventure-related brand values of Red Bull while simultaneously setting a world record. The campaign served as proof of the effectiveness of experiential marketing and demonstrated how businesses can use events to develop campaigns that are memorable and effective.


PR campaigns or brand PR play a big role in marketing strategy. They need careful supervision, meticulous planning, and careful execution. To accomplish the goals established for a campaign, certain steps need to be done. Sincere messaging is the foundation of a successful public relations strategy because it leaves a lasting impression on your target audience. We have mentioned some of the best public relations campaigns for you which will help you come up with great ideas for your campaign and get better results for your company.

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