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Event Management Courses After 12th:

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Event Management Courses After 12th: Course Fees, Duration, and Salary 2024

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One of the top professions both nationally and internationally is Event Management. At many universities and online learning environments, Event Management is available as a full-time degree program or certification program. Certificate programs in Interior Design, PR Management, and similar specializations are available from top colleges and online learning environments.

Popular Event Management Courses after the 12th grade are BBA Event Management, BA Event Management, and Certificate in Event Management. Applicants may also enroll in postgraduate programs like the Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management, MBA in Event Management, MBA in Event Management or PR, etc. Students who take postgraduate Event Management courses improve their chances of landing a high-paying job by gaining professional experience. The Leading Event Management Schools that provide full-time or part-time courses in Event Management are NAEMD Mumbai, NIEM Delhi, ISM Mumbai, AAFT Noida, and others.

Online Event Management courses are available for students and working professionals who do not want to enroll in full-time or regular Event Management courses. Candidates may acquire job-ready skills and keep current on industry trends by enrolling in certificate programs in Event Management.

Table of content

What is Event Management Course
How to Pursue Event Management Course
Top Event Management Colleges After 12th
Top Event Management Courses After 12th
Event Management Courses After 12th Eligibility
Event Management Courses After 12th Admission
How to Become an Event Manager After 12th
Event Management Courses After 12th Salary
Online Event Management Courses
Skills for Event Management
Scope of Event Management Courses
Event Management Company
Event Management Jobs

What is Event Management Course

According to its name, an event management course covers the complete process of organizing and carrying out an event. The planning process for a wedding, program, ceremony, party, performance, or conference is known as event management. It may be challenging to differentiate between the many job titles in the event planning industry since they are as numerous and varied as the services offered. Creating an event planning portfolio, looking for work, or dealing with a client who doesn’t comprehend your duties and job function can be challenging.

How to Pursue Event Management Course

Event managers must have strong communication skills since they must continually deal with clients and stakeholders when pursuing Event Management courses. To lead a team of people in their job, one has to possess decision-making and leadership abilities. To be excellent event organizers, event managers must also be energetic and enthusiastic.

Applicants may enrol in Event Management courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and diploma levels. Certain certificate programs can also help you land a decent job at a reputable company. The Management Process, Business Communication, Organizational Behaviour, Event Management Planning, Public Relations, Soft Skills for Business, Event Hospitality, Law & Permissions, and Event Resource Management are some of the key topics covered in these programs.

Top Event Management Colleges After 12th

College Name Average Course Fees 
Asian Academy of Film and Television INR 1,05,534 
Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune INR 41,000 
Vedatya Institute, Gurgaon INR 45,000 
Agarwal PG College, Jaipur INR 11,800 
GEMS B School, Bangalore INR 4,35,000 
Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Pune INR 29,900 
IGNOU, Delhi INR 8,000 
YMCA, New Delhi INR 1,17,000 
Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu INR 46,500 
IIFT, New Delhi INR 55,000 

Top Event Management Courses After 12th

  • Courses in Event Management following the 12th have grown in popularity in recent decades as a result of the growth of transportation services, which increased the number of gatherings and events. The goal of Event Management is to oversee finances, networks of customers, relationships with them, meetings, etc.
  • Event Management Courses after 12th in several fields, including Advertising and Event Management, Advertising, Media and Event Management, Event Management and Public Relations, etc., are offered by top private and public Event Management colleges in India.
  • A Diploma in Event Management, a PG Diploma in Advertising, Media, and Public Relations, a BBA in Event Management, an MBA in Event Management, etc. are a few of the Top Event Management Courses available after the 12th Grade.
  • In addition to universities, a number of other sectors have begun to hire professionals in Event Management, including logistics, exhibition organizing companies, wedding planners, corporate event planners, etc.

There are several Event Management courses in India. Popular Event Management Courses available after the 12th are shown in the table below:

Course Name Course Duration 
Diploma in Event Management 1 year 
Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations 1 year 
Diploma in Event Design and Management 1 year 
Diploma in Media and Event Management (DEM) 1 year 
Advanced Diploma in Event Management 1 year 
BBA in Event Management 3 years 
BA in Event Management 3 years 
BMS in Event Management 3 years 
MBA in Event Management 2 years 
MA in PR & Event Management 2 years 
Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management 1 to 2 years 
Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations 1 to 2 years 
Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Event Management 1 to 2 years 
Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Media, and Event Management 1 to 2 years 

Event Management Courses After 12th Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Event Management courses after 12th grade, a candidate must have received an overall grade point average of at least 45% in their 12th exams, with English as a required subject.

On the other hand, a student must at least have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a recognized institution with passing marks in order to enrol in PG Courses in Event Management. The qualifying requirements for major categories of Event Management courses offered after the 12th grade are mentioned below.

  • Event Management Certification: A candidate must have completed their 12th grade from a reputable educational board in any stream (Arts, Business, or Science).
  • Diploma in Event Management: Students must have graduated from an accredited institution in any field with a minimum of 50% overall or an equivalent CGPA in order to enrol in PG Diploma programs in Event Management.
  • Undergraduate Courses in Event Management: Entrance tests and merit are used to determine admission to undergraduate programs in Event Management. Students should receive at least 50% marks in their class 12 board test from an accredited board, or an equal CGPA.
  • Post-Graduate Courses in Event Management: Students must graduate with at least 60% overall, or an equivalent CGPA, in order to pursue a postgraduate degree in Event Management. Depending on the colleges to which students are applying, admission tests will come next.

Event Management Courses After 12th Admission

The admissions procedure is mentioned below, depending on the type of Event Management course:

  • Entrance to the certificate programs in Event Management is open to everybody. Based on interests and skills, one can enrol on the Internet and choose an appropriate Event Management course.
  • According to the results of the prior exam, candidates are admitted to diploma and a postgraduate diploma in Event Management programs. A personal interview (PI Round) is then held to conclude the application process for diploma programs in Event Management.
  • Admissions to UG and PG Event Management programs are made based on performance on entrance tests like the CAT, MAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAH-CET, etc.

How to Become an Event Manager After 12th

  • Upon completing 12th grade, candidates must fulfill a few requirements in order to become event managers.
  • Initially, candidates must hold an Event Management bachelor’s degree, certificate, or certification from a reputable school or organization.
  • A few distinct sets of requirements must be satisfied in order to be admitted to these courses in order to pursue an Event Management job after the 12th grade.
  • After graduating, candidates interested in Event Management courses can submit an application for a degree program, such as a BBA or BA in Event Management, with a minimum overall aggregate score of 50%.
  • Candidates must have received 45% to 50% marks in their 10+2 grade to be eligible for certification and diploma programs in Event Management.
  • Graduates applying for the PG Diploma in Event Management program must receive at least a 50% on their final exam.
  • Students must have attained a minimum of 60% marks to be eligible for Master’s degree programs in Event Management. It is not necessary to have any other particular specialty to apply for advanced courses in Event Management.
  • Entrance examinations for Event Management are offered by a number of top colleges, including CAT, CMAT, SNAP, and others.

Event Management Courses After 12th Salary

The average Event Manager’s income in India at the start of their career is INR 4,71,706, according to a recent salary survey by PayScale. The Event Management organization, as well as various Event Management job profiles, affect the Event Management salary.

The wages for Event Management job profiles for new hires or professionals with less than a year of work experience are included in the table below.

Job Profile Average Annual Salary  
Event Manager INR 4,71,706 
Wedding Planner INR 4,42,186 
Event Coordinator INR 2,96,609 
Director of Events INR 2,90,000 
Marketing Manager INR 6,76,855 
Business Development Executive INR 3,00,402 

Online Event Management Courses

Online courses in Wedding Planning, Event Management for Beginners, and Wedding Event Management are all quite popular.

Course Name Provider Duration 
Diploma in Event Management AAFT Online 1 year 
Course in Wedding Planning Planner International Career Institute 1 year 
Higher Program Organization of Events, Protocol, and Business Tourism EAE Business School, School of Tourism & Hospitality, The Ostelea Barcelona 9 months 
Course in Event Management International Career Institute 6 – 12 months 
Event Management for Beginners Udemy 45 hours 
Project Management Principles and Practices Coursera 5 months 

Skills for Event Management

  • Those who work in Event Management must frequently communicate with customers, stakeholders, and investors. Consequently, the most important skill for Event Management is having effective communication abilities.
  • Team leaders and Event Planners must continuously direct their teams to get the necessary results, hence they must possess strong leadership abilities.
  • The most crucial ability for Event Management is time management. Event Planners are constrained by the timelines within which they have to complete their projects, thus effective time management skills are quite important.
  • When it comes to managing a team, an Event Manager should be highly proactive and encouraging. The Event Manager’s staff will perform better if they are more accessible, reliable, and helpful.

Scope of Event Management Courses

You can choose to begin your career as an Event Coordinator, Event Manager, Wedding Planner, etc. after earning your preferred degree in Event Management.

  • The beginning salary for a fresher range from INR 2.5 to INR 4.7 lakhs annually.
  • After getting enough expertise in the relevant industry, some aspirants can even launch their own Event Management business, which can provide more profits.
  • Event Management companies often arrange and carry out significant business meetings and unique events.
  • Although arranging weddings and concerts is a common event for a professional event planner, other occasions including sporting events, reunions, and large parties can also benefit from event management.

Business Development Executive INR 3,00,402

  • To plan important events and meetings, the government, organizations, groups, and corporations utilize event management companies.
  • The job of an event manager is typically located in a company’s marketing or PR division or as part of the staffing for special events.

Event Management Company

Both large-scale and small-scale events are produced by an event management business through the hiring of event management specialists. Individuals from the entertainment, marketing, and advertising industries are eligible to apply for event management businesses. These are a few of the most well-known event management firms that work with event planners.

  • Wizcraft
  • Cineyug
  • Encompass Events
  • Tafcon
  • 70 EMG
  • Percept Profile
  • Pegasus
  • Cox and Kings
  • ProcamRunning

Event Management Jobs

  • Event Planner – An individual in charge of organizing an event is known as an Event Planner. An Event Manager decides on the venue and transportation for the event and manages all other parts of the event, including planning, concept implementation, etc.
  • Event Manager – A crucial individual in an Event is the Event Manager. He is in charge of arranging, planning, and carrying out the entire event.
  • Business Development Executives – The only duty of a BDE, or business development executive, is to attract clients and investors who will generate income for the organization. He is responsible for conducting cold calls and must communicate often with potential customers and collaborators.
  • Wedding Planner – A wedding is meticulously planned by a wedding planner. A wedding planner plans every aspect of the wedding within the limits of the spending limit set by his or her customers, including the venue, transportation, catering, cuisine, and location.
  • Event Coordinator – The only person in charge of choosing locations, negotiating costs, planning event materials, and keeping track of customer support is an event coordinator.
  • Event Accounts Manager – An event accounts manager is in charge of the accounts and finance division, as the name would imply. He maintains track of expenditures and is in charge of generating profits for the business.
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