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Top Jewellery Design Course Online: Crafting Elegance

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Create stunning jewellery! Discover top online design courses. Master trends, techniques, and business aspects. Spark your creativity!  Candidates who wish to learn how to design and produce jewellery should take jewellery design courses. Due to the market for jewellery having grown significantly in recent years, jewellery design courses online are a popular design specialization. 

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Students must achieve a 50% grade point average in their 10+2 examinations to be eligible to pursue a jewellery design course in India, however, the requirements vary. Colleges may use direct merit-based admission standards or entrance exam results. To learn more about this continue reading the article.  

Table of ​​Contents 

 All About Jewellery Design Courses  

  • Professional courses in jewellery design provide students with a wide range of topics that span everything from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques and expertise. 
  • At the diploma, certification, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels of study, students can pursue jewellery design courses online.  
  • There are no formal requirements for eligibility to enroll in jewellery design courses online. Students who have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board and are from any stream (Arts, Commerce, or Science) are eligible for jewellery design courses. 
  • The best online education providers, like Shaw Academy, Skillshare, Udemy, and others, have begun to provide short-term certificate programs in jewellery design that may be started right after completing your tenth or twelfth-grade schooling. 
  • Depending on the platform one has chosen, a Certification in Jewellery Design Courses might last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. 
  • The average cost of a jewellery design course is between INR 12,000 and INR 7,00,000. 
  • One can find employment at well-known businesses like Tanishq, Myntra, Kalyan Jewellers, Schachter Jewellery, etc. after completing jewellery design courses.  
  • Gemologist, Production Manager, Jewellery Designer, Brand Manager, and many more roles are among the top ones for which graduates with a degree in Jewellery Design may find employment. 

Why Study Jewellery Design Courses? 

  • Making the decision to pursue a jewellery design course in India is never in vain since students learn about making and designing jewels as well as other important parts of the field. 
  • In terms of topics and disciplines, jewellery design courses span a wide range, including metallurgy, ornament design, diamond grading and sorting, CAD, portfolio development, gemology, beading art, etc. 
  • After finishing a course in jewellery design, one can start their own business by starting their own brand, which will include their original jewellery designs, as opposed to finding employment with a firm or brand. 
  • Learning new skills for a professional career in jewellery design, such as product development, graphic design, market research, creativity, etc., is made easier with the aid of a jewellery design school.  
  • In India, the average salary for a jewellery designer in their first few years of employment is INR 3,80,172 annually, according to a Glassdoor poll. 

Who Should Pursue Jewellery Design Courses? 

Anyone with an interest in art or design would find the program interesting. Jewellery designers should be enthusiastic about their profession and create original creations. 

To be eligible for any jewellery design course, students must have completed their 12th-grade schooling. 

Types of Jewellery Design Courses 

Jewellery design courses provide a variety of degrees from which to pick. Among the many degrees available, Certificate in Jewellery Design Courses, Diploma in Jewellery Design Courses, and Postgraduate in Jewellery Design Courses are some of the most popular. 

Certificate Courses  

  • Jewellery design certificate programs are offered on well-known online learning sites including Udemy and Skillshare. 
  • The majority of jewellery design courses are self-paced, which is beneficial for anybody interested in them but is especially true for working professionals. 
  • You may learn essential skills from certificate jewellery design classes including building CAD models of your finished product, utilizing Alcohol Ink Methods, wire wrapping, jewellery design sketch, and stringing, among many others. 
  • These programs are perfect for those who want to further their careers while juggling other full-time responsibilities. 
  • Students who just concluded their class 10th or 12th examinations are also an excellent fit for certificate jewellery design lessons. 
  • Adding to your skill set through these certificate programs will undoubtedly help you land your dream job. 
Certificate Name Duration 
Udemy- Jewellery Design in Rhino 5 hours 
Udemy- Jewellery Making for Beginners 1.5 hours 
Skillshare- Floral Resin Jewellery Basics 1 hour 
Skillshare- Silversmithing for Beginners 1.5 hours 
Jewellery Design Shaw Academy 16 weeks 

Diploma in Jewellery Design

  • A diploma in jewellery design equips a person with the knowledge and abilities needed to work as a jewellery designer. One year is spent on the program. 
  • Students are taught essential techniques including stone cutting, engraving, polishing, and evaluating the quality of priceless stones and metals in this field of study. 
  • In order to create a jewellery design sketch, model it using computer-aided design (CAD) software or online jewellery design tools, and choose the best stones for manufacture, a jewellery enthusiast has to acquire a strong aesthetic vision. This is what the course teaches and supports. 
  • The six-month to one-year course covers the processes involved in making jewellery that will appeal to the greatest number of consumers. 
  • One of the online jewellery design course in India is Diploma in Jewellery Design by AAFT Online. 

Top Online Jewellery Design Courses 

In addition to traditional classes, there are several online education portals that provide jewellery design courses. Below is a list of some of the best online courses for jewellery design for your reference. 

Course Fees 
AAFT Online – Diploma in Jewellery Design  
Wire wrapping: Jewellery making for beginners 490 
Jewellery design using rhino 490 
Jewellery making: Alcohol ink pendant necklace 504 
Jewellery making: Beading techniques and stitches 490 
Jewellery rendering using keyshot 12,800 


Mentioned are the types of Jewellery Design Courses:  

  • Basic Jewellery Designing 
  • Comprehensive Jewellery Designing 
  • Jewellery Design (Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating) 
  • Jewellery Design (Engraving & Enamelling) 
  • Jewellery Design (Stone Setting) 
  • Jewellery Design (Quality Control Course) 

 Basic Jewellery Designing: Techniques for visualization and representation, free-hand drawing of objects, design geometry, color theory, and exploration of form and texture overview of metallurgy, design process, and prototyping presentation of traditional Indian jewellery, gem knowledge, basic 3d drawing, metal rendering, basic technical drawing, and a demonstration of jewellery making technique.  

Comprehensive Jewellery Designing: Sketching objects freehand and methods for representation and visualization Design geometry, color theory, visual studies, gem knowledge, and presentation methods improved rendering of faceted and unusual stones, market analysis and detailed technical drawings understanding diverse jewellery markets, creating designs based on market research, and using computer-aided design (CAD) to create jewels. 

Jewellery Design (Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating): Overview of the tools and equipment finishing processes, polishing methods including cutting and buffing with different brushes, magnetic polishing, textures and finishes, featuring polished components, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning overview of electroplating chemicals and equipment different galvano and plating solutions, play with pen players, part plating techniques, and silver- and gold-plating, Controlling quality, storage, and safety 

Jewellery Design (Engraving & Enamelling): Considerations such as cutting technique, grip, posture, and magnification are crucial. methods for preparing a surface for enameling, include texturing, carving, decorative engraving, and marking. principles of metalworking various enamel types, preparation and application of enamel, tools and kilns for enameling cloisonne and champleve techniques Using straightforward techniques, create a color scheme, included being textures and special effects. completing and firing. 

Jewellery Design (Stone Setting): The usage and construction of Gravers, Gripping, Posture, and Magnification, Claw, Bezel, and Channel Setting, Pave, Flush, and Tension Setting, as well as the introduction of innovative setting techniques including pressure and invisibility setting, are covered in this introduction to stone-setting instruments. Setting beautiful form stones and finishing various settings using burs, rubber wheels, and emery sheets examine the quality. 

Jewellery Design (Quality Control Course): Quality control is crucial, overview of the jewellery-making process at 10x magnification introduction to quality control’s several phases, inspections of the wax, the casting process, and the finished product final certification of quality problem identification and solution. 


Mentioned below is the syllabus of the jewellery design course for your understanding: 

Communication Skills Introduction to Computers & Elementary Mathematics 
Jewellery Design Gemology 
Gold and other Precious Metals Computer Graphics for Jewellery Designing 
Manual Designing Costume Jewellery 
Manual Design Gemology Diamond Grading 
Metallurgy CAD Designing – Rhino n Matrix 
History of Art & Jewellery Materials for Design 
Design Theory Export Procedure 
Digital Representation Metallurgy & Casting Process 
Rendering Techniques Commercial Skills 
Product Business Planning Accessory Design 
Elements of Design Setting of Gemstones in Jewellery 

 Skills Required to be a Jewellery Designer 

A job in jewellery design requires having highly developed design abilities. By taking online courses, going to workshops, or signing up for certain programs as part of your formal education, you may get ready to create jewellery. You could think about enrolling in classes covering: 

Adobe Creative Suite Graphic Design 
Necklaces Engineering Drawing 
Retail Sales CAD 
Product Design Art Shows 
Design Process Product Development 
Rhino Trend Research 
Market Research Trade Shows 

 Scope of Jewellery Design Courses 

Candidates will have a plethora of work opportunities if they complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in jewellery design and know the online jewellery design tools. Some of the opportunities are mentioned below: 

  • Jewellery Designer 
  • Jewellery Merchandiser  
  • Grading Consultant 
  • Fashion Consultant  
  • Gemstone Appraiser 
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