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Short-Term Interior Design: Enhancing Creative Flair

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Depending on the university, a diploma in interior design is a short term interior design course where students study the numerous components of creating the interior of a home, workplace, or other desired location. Interior design is a specialized area of the interior industry. 

Words like originality and flair come to mind right away when thinking of interior design, but many would be shocked to learn that there is some science involved. Professional interior designers typically adhere to a set of unwritten “rules” that are based on certain interior design ideas and components. Continue reading the article to learn more about what are diploma in interior design, online interior design courses India, and job opportunities in this industry. 

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Diploma in Interior Design – An Overview 

A year-long education in the field of interior design is called a diploma in interior design a short term interior design course. A basic level certificate course called Diploma in Interior Design which can be 6 month interior design course to a 1 year interior design courses  is open for students who have finished their higher secondary education or an equivalent. One of the most well-liked and in-demand specializations in the realm of design is interior design. In order to pursue further education at various levels, design hopefuls have chosen to specialize in this field. A student with a diploma in interior design may be able to get employment as well as continue their education by enrolling in bachelor’s and master’s level interior design courses.  

The focus of the Diploma in Interior Design course is focused on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the topic because it is an entry-level credential in the field of interior design. Throughout the duration of their degree, students who seek a diploma in interior design are educated about the subject’s foundational ideas and principles. In the long run, a student might pursue an advanced diploma if they want to improve their knowledge and abilities in the topic. The Diploma in Interior Design program is designed to impart to students both a theoretical grasp of the topic and practical level abilities in the field. 

The Diploma in Interior Design program is offered by a lot of reputable institutions and universities. Candidates can narrow down their selection of preferred universities because this curriculum is offered by both public and private educational institutions. The Diploma in Interior Design curriculum typically lasts is months to one year, however, some institutions spread out the study material across two years. After earning this degree, students can find employment in a variety of industries. To pursue an interior design course qualification is 12th pass. 

List of Short-Term Interior Design Courses 

Mentioned below are some of the online interior design courses in India that you can pursue to start a career in interior design: 

Diploma in Interior Design 

Candidates who enroll in this 1year interior design course acquire the essentials needed to work in the field. You will analyze the work of a number of renowned interior designers as well as the basic principles of interior design in this one year diploma in  interior design course.  

Offered By: AAFT Online 

Highlights: Given the course’s main features are highlighted in the list below: 

  • Duration- 1 Year 
  • Live Virtual Classes 
  • Learn From Industry Experts 
  • Recorded Video Lectures 
  • Downloadable Content / E-Workbooks 
  • Live Doubt-clearing Sessions 
  • AAFT Alumni Status 
  • Placement Assistance 
  • Digital Verified Certification 

 Interior Design & Architecture Planning 

The interior design and architectural planning course aid the candidates in exploring and mastering the field of interior design. 

Offered By: School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi 

Highlights: Given the course’s main features are highlighted in the list below: 

  • 10 months duration 
  • Online and offline sessions 
  • Experts-led training by RKAAD 
  • Placement Assistance 
  • 90 Hours class 
  • Practical Training 
  • Certification

Interior Design Course Outline 

The Shaw Academy’s ‘Continuing Education’ division offers an online professional design course called The Interior Design Course Online. The AP State University has verified it, and it is accepted all around the world.  

Offered By: Shaw Academy  

Highlights: Given the course’s main features are highlighted in the list below: 

  • Online Certification Course 
  • Globally recognized Certificate 
  • Exams and Assessments 
  • Class recording available online 
  • Certified by AP State University 
  • Professional Design Course 
  • 16 weeks of online training 
  • Around 39 lessons 
  • International level curriculum 

Design Principles and Elements in Interiors 

Candidates interested in learning interior design can take the course online through Udemy. English is the language used for the teaching mode. To pass the course, candidates must perform their own independent study. Both video and text-based notes are used to convey the course material.  

Offered By: Udemy 

Highlights: Given the course’s main features are highlighted in the list below: 

  • Introduction to Design Principles & The Design Recipe 
  • Design Element: Line 
  • Design Element: Shape 
  • Design Element: Form 
  • Design Element: Colour 
  • Design Principle: Contrast 
  • Design Element: Space 

 Career Opportunity 

There are several options available to you after completing the short term interior design course. Some of them are: 

  • Corporate Designer 
  • Design Manager 
  • Interior Designer 
  • Interior Decorator 
  • Visual Merchandiser 
  • Furniture Designer  
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