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Animation Courses After 10th

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Top Animation Courses to Pursue After 10th Grade

For students interested in Animation Courses after the 10th, there are primarily two choices. That is, pursuing an animation certification degree or a diploma course in animation. The animation business is continually rising as a result of the growing demand in the entertainment sector. 

There are several animation courses available for those interested in pursuing a professional career in the animation business. Students in grade 10 can also participate in animation workshops given by training institutes. It is an enthralling industry that demands inspiration, vision, storytelling abilities, and exceptional technological knowledge. The following article will also go through the animation courses after 10th-grade costs and salaries with top employment roles. 

Top Animation Courses After 10th 

If you are interested in pursuing a diploma in animation after the 10th, you can choose from the popular animation and VFX courses listed below. After grade 10, students can pursue animation studies by enrolling in a certificate or diploma program. 

1. Diploma in Animation 

The Diploma in Animation course entails creating new visual effects for video games, television, films, and other media, as well as keeping up with current animation trends. The course teaches students to the fundamentals of 3D, 4D, Visual Effects, and Graphic Design. 

2. Diploma in VFX 

VFX refers to the use of computer-generated effects to improve a live-action video film. Animation, special effects, cartoons, gaming, and graphic design are all part of Visual Effects courses in India. 

3. Diploma in 2D Animation 

The animation business is thriving in India and all over the world. Special elements and computer graphics have now become commonplace in modern filmmaking. 2D animation is the foundation for this, and the core ideas are covered in 2D animation classes. This 2D animation course prepares students for higher-level courses such as 3D animation, graphics, and game design. 

4. Diploma in 3D Animation 

The 3D animation course is the movement of computer-generated elements in three dimensions. They can be twisted and manipulated in the same way as actual things can. Frame-by-frame animation, 3D modeling, character creation, walk cycles, and 3D animation software are among the ideas covered in the 3D design course. 

5. Diploma in CG Arts 

The goal of CG Animation is to help students become highly proficient, production-ready professionals in the Animation, Visual Effects, and Gaming sectors. Students who get a Diploma in CG Arts have a strong foundation in animation and VFX ideas that will enable them to demonstrate their CG talents. 

6. VFX Certification 

A VFX certification course is a professional training program that will teach you all you need to know to succeed as a visual effects artist from the ground up. This course covers the principles of visual effects filmmaking, from rotoscoping and painting to motion graphics and Match, before proceeding to digital design and editing. 

7. Certificate in Animation 

This animation certificate course is intended to give students a compressed, focused education in animation in a short amount of time. Depending on the topic and specialization, it is a 3- to 6-month entry-level course. 

Animation Course Details: Eligibility 

There are several institutes for pursuing 3D animation degree courses in India that have different eligibility criteria. Below are some eligibility criteria that a student should keep in mind before applying for an animation course. 

  • For animation after 10th, students must have passed the 10th grade in a science-related field from a board/institution. 
  • During the 10th or 12th grade, learners should achieve a minimum of 50- 60% of the total marks. 
  • Students who are qualified for this course differ from one university to the next. 

Required Skills Set 

To address the need for entry-level work in the industry, an increasing number of animation programs are being given online and offline following the 10th grade. Students who want to follow a career in animation post their 10th grade must have certain skill sets in order to take an animation course. The following is a list of abilities necessary for animation after grade 10. 

  • Drawing and sketching skills 
  • Excellent observational abilities 
  • Creativity 
  • Patience and focus are required. 
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are required for effective cooperation. 
  • Pay close attention to the details 
  • Computer and software knowledge 

Job Opportunities for Animation Courses After 10th 

Animation is one of the most popular sectors among today’s youngsters due to the numerous opportunities it provides. After 10th grade, a profession in animation offers excellent work prospects that are both engaging and exhilarating. Many work opportunities in the animation industry are also available through production companies and animation studios. Below mention are the job roles for animation students after 10th grade: 

  • VFX Artist 
  • Visualizer 
  • 3D Animator 
  • 2D Animator 
  • Art Director 
  • Graphic designer 
  • Animation Graphic Artist 


There are several institutes online as well as offline that offer animation courses after 10th grade. Before you consider an institute to pursue animation don’t forget to check the reviews of the institute.  There are many job opportunities once you clear the animation course as discussed in the above blog so employment should not be a problem if you are ready and skilled for that position.  

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