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Diploma in Animation Syllabus and Subjects

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Animators create images and special effects for video games, television, movies, mobile devices, and other media. The Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects Course gives you the relevant skills, knowledge, and technical training required to make a smooth transition into the field. Read on to know more…

Table of contents:

Diploma in Animation Syllabus and Subjects

AAFT Online’s Diploma in Animation syllabus and subjects are designed in such a way that they aim at the linear development of animation knowledge in the students. The syllabus includes many topics ranging from Pre-production, Digital designing, FX to GUI, etc. Here are the animation course subjects:

1)  Pre-production

  8) Rigging

2)  Digital- designing/ Visual design

  9) Animation

3)  Editing

10) Introduction

4) Motion Graphics and Digital Composting

11) GUI

5)  Asset Design and Modelling

12) Motion tracking

6)  Lighting and look development

13) Final Export

7)  FX


Diploma in Animation Course Duration

The animation diploma course duration is planned to keep in mind the modules, their depth, and their relevance to the current job market and trends in the industry. It is a 1-year course that takes one from the basics to the newest trends in the vfx and animation.

The course is designed keeping in mind the busy lives we lead today. The students have suggested 6 Hrs of time commitment per week toward the course for the best results and learning from the hands-on assignments, reading, and practice material.

Diploma in Animation Course Structure

This course is made keeping in mind the learning needs of students new to the field as well as those who have some knowledge but want to develop it further. The animation industry has shown progressive growth throughout the years. Earlier, animation and vfx was an industry dominated by the West.

Hollywood movies, as well known use a lot of animation, graphics, and VFX. But now with the emergence of bigger studios in India who are open to experimenting with VFX and animation, trying more and more animation tricks, using it for the hero-villain fights which are loved by the Indian audience, animation, and VFX as an industry is picking up in India as well. The widespread acceptance that OTT Platforms have gained in India has also led to the opening up of more avenues for VFX Designers, Animation artists, Multimedia specialists, and such.

AAFT Online’s Diploma in animation and vfx course is designed keeping in mind the necessity of good talent in the field in India. For the same reason, the course has been designed to first build the foundation with the basics of animation, motion, etc., and then move on to teaching the most in-demand skills, film techniques, and the best software for a budding animator. Apart from this, the mentors also use case studies to explain concepts that would otherwise be tough to understand.

Diploma in Animation Core Subjects

The subjects in this course make beginners becoming an animator, a journey and not just a crash course. Learning can only give the expected outcome when the topics and subjects in a course are well-researched and well-arranged throughout the animation and vfx courses after 10th.

The animation course subjects that make the course stand out from others are as follows:

  •     Storytelling and vector illustration
  •     Bifrost fluid simulation
  •     2D animation
  •     3D motion graphics
  •     Rigging
  •     Visual effects

These are some of the most in-demand skills that any animator or budding VFX designer needs to know. Apart from that, the vfx and animation syllabi also includes software like :

  1. Maya
  2. Bifrost
  3. FXdynamics
  4. N dynamics
  5. Blender

Diploma in Animation Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The Diploma in Animation course by AAFT Online is unique in its approach to teaching. This course is designed keeping in mind the busy lives that we lead nowadays. The smart way to learn and upskill oneself today is to make efforts to learn while also working a full-time job. Some people have a main job/source of income while also nurturing and learning things in their area of interest to become professionals at it one day. This can not only allow one to pursue their creative interests but progress towards earning money from them by making them a side hustle and then later moving on to making a career out of one’s passions.

Knowing this, the course allows students to learn at their own pace and at their own time with on-demand, recorded video lectures that are comprehensive and intensive and taught by industry experts with a stellar track records in their respective fields. All of our faculty are experts who have not only studied the subjects they teach in-depth but have also worked in the industry and gained priceless practical knowledge. Students stand to learn a great deal from them.

There are live-doubt-solving sessions with the mentors wherein students and mentors can interact and learn more, network and also have fun while learning! The course focuses not only on theoretical but also practical training. The assignments, projects, and submissions that are given to the students are picked out carefully to maximize understanding. All the assignments make students use the knowledge gained in class so that the concepts are clear to everyone.

Diploma in Animation Course Projects and Assignments

As mentioned above, the assignments and projects designed by our mentors are the best way to make sure you never forget a concept you learned in class. Some of the assignments are included in this area.

  • Digitally designing stop motion animation
  • Creating a short story using a script
  • Creating a vector artwork logo or characters using Adobe Illustrator…and more

The course is an all-in-one solution for all budding animation and vfx experts and can help one make their career as a Multimedia Specialist, Compositing artist, VFX artist, 3D Animator, Motion graphics designer, Fx technical director, and many others. It is one the most in-demand courses and arms you with an arsenal of knowledge about the industry.

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