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What Is Candid Photography: Unlocking the Secrets and Techniques

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What is candid photography? Street photography and candid photography are frequently used interchangeably. But in our opinion, candid photography goes much further and provides a much wider range and method of taking outstanding and real candid pictures. In light of this, our method for being candid will help you comprehend its significance in photography. Wedding photography, street photography, portrait photography, and travel photography, may all benefit from a candid style. And being honest when traveling is far more difficult than being honest at home. Continue reading to know what is a candid photo and some tips to get better at it.

What is Candid Photography?

When you first hear about “candid” images, you might be confused about what that term truly entails. People of different skill levels may get together and concur on one thing, whether it came from a friend, family member, or another photographer. It’s amazing how candid those photos are! What precisely is a candid picture, then? Without any staged posing, a candid photograph captures the natural emotion and movement of the subject. This kind of photography is excellent for capturing genuine moments when subjects are just being themselves. When taking candid photos, the subject is frequently unaware that you are recording them, which encourages them to behave more naturally for the camera.

Candid Photography Examples

To give you a better understanding of this type of photography, let’s look at some candid photography examples:

How to Take Candid Photos of Friends and Family?

It’s not necessary to take candid photos of clients or arbitrary bystanders on the street. Using the ten suggestions covered above, you may capture wonderful candid pictures of your friends and family. The problem is that it’s difficult to capture individuals you know in a “candid” condition while you’re photographing them. Here are a few quick tips to get you started when it comes to photographing friends or relatives in their natural environment.

1. Do An Activity Together

Try to engage in a shared activity with a buddy or member of your family while you’re hanging out. Something that will keep them occupied long enough for them to forget you and your camera are even present. Given that kids will be completely at ease on these occasions, beautiful candid photographs are certain to result. There are countless opportunities to openly photograph friends and family, such as while they are eating, playing a game, or gathering around a campfire.

2. Don’t Tell Them You’re Trying to Take Candids

Don’t notify your friends or family that you’re trying to shoot candid photos of them—this may go without saying. Instead, simply keep your camera nearby and seem as though you don’t want to take any pictures of them. They won’t be on edge since they won’t be expecting to be photographed. As with any topic, you want to take candid photos of people when they’re not expecting it. By keeping your pals in the dark about your plans, they’ll be delighted when you show them all the amazing pictures you took.

3. Take Photos During a Conversation with Them

Maintaining conversation with friends and family members while they are seeking candid photos is similar to doing so with customers. Keep your camera handy while you’re with them and conduct your conversation and activities as usual. Start taking pictures as soon as you spot a cute moment while they’re smiling or laughing at anything. When they smile naturally, everyone looks their best! With candid photos of friends and family, there is a big difference because you already know the subjects. You are familiar with their peculiarities, demeanor, and interests. All of this information may be used to your advantage to help you plan when and where to shoot candid pictures of them.

You’re sure to get fantastic pictures if you combine these three easy tactics with the general candid photography advice in the preceding section.

Can You Take Candid Pictures of Yourself?

What if you’d like to shoot some interesting candid images of yourself but don’t know anyone who could do it? You can certainly take them yourself! The problem is that it’s difficult to shoot a “candid” shot when you’re aware that images are being taken. This is the procedure.

Put your camera on a tripod first. Focus your camera’s lens on the broad area where you want the picture to be framed. This might happen in your bedroom, beside the water, or anyplace else you choose! Set your camera to a continuous shutter while it is in place so that pictures are taken every few seconds. Some cameras come with this function built-in, while others need a shutter release. Make your way into the frame and start the timer.

Instead of posing for pictures, assign yourself a task. Anything that helps you avoid overtly posing for the camera and seems natural to you. This may involve dancing around your house, building a campfire, or skipping rocks. Do what you like to do and act as shamelessly as you can. Your camera will be there to capture every moment since it is programmed to shoot images every few seconds. With so many possibilities available, you can be sure that you’ll have a good candid photo of yourself at the end.

10 Easy Tips to Get Better at Candid Photography

You should avoid having the traditional “plan, pose, and shoot” attitude while taking candid photos. These procedures are effective for other types of photography, but they are not the best for candid shots. Great candid shots may be taken at any time; therefore you must constantly be prepared.

Here are some simple suggestions you may utilize to take great candid pictures of anyone.

1. Keep Your Setup Small

Keep your telephoto lens and battery grip in the bag when taking candid photos. It will be much simpler to take pictures without your subject noticing if you keep your camera as discreet as possible. To avoid having a showy camera, if at all possible, choose a tiny zoom or a primary lens. You must maintain a low profile in order to shoot effective candid pictures. Your camera set-up is the first step in achieving this low-profile effect.

2. Shoot In Burst Mode

Although you can usually tell when a wonderful moment is going to happen, burst mode guarantees you obtain the perfect photo. You’ll have a few more alternatives to pick from rather than having to hope that you push capture at the proper time. For recording people’s responses to items, burst mode is fantastic. Burst mode will record anything, whether it be someone shouting with joy, having a romantic moment, or simply having fun. The number of images you can shoot per second depends depend on the camera you choose. This typically ranges from 3-5 photographs per second for entry-level cameras to upwards of 10 for professional cameras. Whatever the capabilities of your camera, make the most of burst mode while taking candid photos!

3. Talk With Your Subjects As If The Camera Isn’t There

It’s not necessary to take candid photos of people who are unaware that you are there. In reality, you are allowed to take candid photos of clients who pay you to shoot with them. The main distinction is that you record them acting naturally rather than constantly posing them for the camera. Keep the discussion going to assist your subjects forget about the camera. The finest candid photographers will converse with their subjects while taking pictures when the opportunity arises. They could be recounting a tale or reflecting on a thought-provoking query you posed. People find it far simpler to unwind and ignore your lens when you are conversing with them. This is when your candid pictures will really shine.

4. Use Autofocus

Use autofocus rather than wasting time focusing manually. This guarantees a crisp image every time and takes much less time. You may forget about the rest while using autofocus and concentrate only on the scene you are photographing. This is a crucial camera setting to employ if you want to become proficient at candid photography.

5. Use A Semi-Automatic Camera Mode

Even though the manual mode is fantastic, candid photography may not be best captured in this mode. To get the perfect exposure in every picture, consider utilizing a setting like Shutter Priority (Tv or S) or Aperture Priority (Av or A). You can choose to control the shutter speed (shutter priority) or the aperture (aperture priority) when using a semi-automatic camera mode. The camera takes care of all of your extra camera settings. By doing so, you may concentrate on taking the desired photo without having to fiddle with the settings. Semi-automatic camera modes are quite helpful since candid photography necessitates that you constantly be prepared. Spending more time taking pictures and less time fiddling with settings is possible whether you’re moving from indoors to outdoors or from the sun to shade.

6. Don’t Stay In One Spot

You must be mobile if you want to capture genuine moments. You must always search for fresh viewpoints and compositions. If you linger in one place for too long, people may start to notice that you’re shooting photos and will inadvertently posture in your direction. Moving around often makes it much simpler to appear stealthy when firing. However, this does not imply that you must move around when shooting. It’s more of a warning not to become too used to one posture. You may explore additional possibilities and acquire a wider range of candid shots by moving about.

7. Don’t Use A Flash

Let’s face it, even when you anticipate a flash, it may still be unsettling. Any attempt at discretion will be destroyed if you use a flash when taking candid pictures. By the time the flash went off, your subjects would be aware of every shot you took. It’s difficult for anyone to forget you are there when something is so in your face. Instead, keep your flash hidden and refrain from using it when taking candid pictures. In this manner, you may take covert photos without upsetting your subjects.

8. Anticipate The Action

In actuality, if you’re not paying attention, it will be difficult for you to capture genuine moments. It’s essential for photographers to be conscious of their surroundings and their subject’s actions. By doing this, you’ll be better able to predict what could happen before it really does. Since you can better position yourself for the ideal shot, this is quite helpful. The secret to successful engagement sessions, events, and street photography is anticipation. You’ll have an easier time locating the ideal composition if you keep an eye out for suitable shooting locations.

9. Shoot From The Hip When Possible

When you bring your camera to your eye, nothing says “I’m about to take a picture” like that. Instead, take pictures from the hip while using a wide-angle lens. If you have an LCD panel that flips out, you may utilize it to guide you if necessary. If you’re using a wide-angle lens, there’s a considerable possibility you’ll automatically capture the image you’re after. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by the quality of these spontaneous photographs if you have your lens pointing in the appropriate direction. Even while shooting from the hip isn’t always the best option, it works wonders for keeping your subject from realizing they’re being photographed.

10. Always Keep Your Camera Out

Keep your camera ready for action at all times if you want to capture stunning candid shots. Don’t bother storing it in the bag since you never know when the perfect opportunity for a candid photo may present itself. Rather, wear your camera around your neck so you can always reach it quickly. Nothing is more disappointing than missing a fantastic photo opportunity while fumbling for your camera in your backpack.


In conclusion, candid photography is a style. As a result, it encompasses more than just a subgenre of Street Photography or Photojournalism. Getting involved in communities and crowds in a candid manner allows you to document important tales that might otherwise go untold. In order to get close to people’s everyday moments and document them in the most authentic and unaltered way, candid photographers must be discrete, sneaky, courteous, and socially adept.

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