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Famous Jewelry Designers

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Famous Jewelry Designers: A Look Into Artistry of India and Beyond

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Explore the world full of famous jewelry designers, where imagination meets craftsmanship. From breadth-taking pieces of art crafted in India to iconic designs that are celebrated all around the world, explore the beauty and creativity behind every piece.  An industry that has helped many to make a name in this industry with their work.

In this article, we will learn about different Indian style jewelry designs, the top Indian jewelry designers list, and how you can be a top Indian jewelry designer. Continue reading this article to learn more about these famous jewelry designers and to get inspired to start your career as a jewelry designer.

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Famous Jewelry Designers from India and Around the World

With their talents and work famous jewelry designers from India and all around the world have created some stunning designs. This design takes a lot of hard work with detailed craftsmanship and technology to put together an art that is a mix of both traditional and modern eras. These designers have changed elegance and style, from costly pieces of diamonds to simple designs that reflect elegance and beauty. These masterpieces reflect not only India’s rich culture but also highlights the global impact of jewelry design. These world-famous designers amaze and inspire jewelry enthusiasts with their unmatched creativity and attention to detail all around the globe.
Here is the list of all the famous jewelry designers in India and around the world:
Famous jewelry designer in India:
• Ananya Malhotra
• Sabyasachi Mukherjee
• Anita Dongre
• Farah Khan Ali
• Amrapali Jewels
Famous jewelry designers around the world:
• Tiffany & Co.
• Cartier
• Harry Winston
• Bvlgari
• Chopard

Famous Jewelry Designers in India

Ananya Malhotra: Ananya Malhotra a renowned jewelry designer started her brand-named Ananya, in 2016. She was inspired by the rich culture of Indian jewelry and her passion and love for gemstones, their healing properties, and their role in Indian spirituality. Her purpose behind this brand was to create ready-to-wear jewelry that contain the spiritual properties of gemstones and celebrate the meaning behind this jewelry. All this is easily distinguishable through her collection and signature Chakra collection. Wearers may personalize her signature clasp, a bar that keeps the bracelet together, as well as the beads and jewels to match their color and gemstone preferences, and even treat chakra blockages. Ananya thinks that there is a piece of precious and semi-precious stones which are meaningful to every wearer and unique to them only. Ananya recently added more to her Chakra collection including rings, earrings, and chokers, her bracelet has become a notable staple amongst fine jewelry wearers and their bracelet stacks.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee: Sabyasachi Mukherjee a renowned jewelry designer is known for his rich and luxury pieces that reflect wealth and heritage. He is an expert when creating a piece by blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. His signature style is fusing modern and vintage attributes, rich textures, and meticulously detailed work define his style. This design shows his strong love for India’s rich cultural heritage, and this can be seen through his designs. Due to the reach and love that Sabyasachi has received globally because of his designs, he has become one of the most sought-after designers in the world.
Anita Dongre:  Anita Dongre is a designer celebrated for her advanced, attractive, and versatile designs. Anita adds exquisite craftsmanship and lovely details to her designs and specializes in making modern pieces with some element of antique charm. Her signature style is characterized by an effortless beauty that values feminine forms, clean lines, and delicate touches. You can often see floral patterns, natural motifs, and vibrant colors in Anita Dongre’s jewelry which is inspired by India’s rich cultural legacy. She has made her name in the jewelry industry because of her passion and keen eye for craft.
Farah Khan Ali: One of the most successful and known designers in India, Farah Ali Khan. She has designed for various famous Bollywood stars and international celebrities and has won many awards. She is known for her vibrant personality, clarification, and daring jewelry designs. When it comes to quality she never disappoints as she always uses the best materials. The signature style jewelry of Farah is made with the use of the best quality materials for every piece. Her jewelry designs are not often duplicated and are made in small quantities.
Amrapali Jewels:  A globally known luxury brand reflecting India’s rich culture, Amrapali, was founded in 1978 by students Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera studying Ancient Indian History. With its attention-grabbing jewels including colorful gemstones and detailed decorative coating, Amrapali retains the Indian jewelry culture’s spirit by mixing historic aesthetics and techniques with the classical tradition.

Famous Jewelry Designers Around the World

Tiffany & Co: A leading luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. is known for its timeless style and outstanding quality. Known for its Tiffany Setting engagement rings, it was founded in 1837. The specialty of this company is fine diamonds and gemstones, and its unique design displays elegance and classic appeal.
Cartier: Kown for its fine watches and jewels, Cartier was founded in 1847. Cartier, which has adorned royals and superstars globally, is recognized for its revolutionary designs and excellent workmanship. Creating breathtaking pieces influenced by art and culture is the specialty of Cartier. Their distinctive style fuses modern elegance with timeless charm.
Harry Winston: Renowned for its stunning diamonds and unique gems, Harry Winston for founded in 1932. Harry Winston has designed beautiful and luxury jewelry for top celebrities and members of royal families. Expressive designs, outstanding workmanship, and incomparable artistry define Harry Winston. Their signature is creating show-stopping pieces that reflect luxury. Since Harry Winston’s jewelry reflects legacy and elegance, it indicates luxury and status in the world of jewelry.
Bvlgari: A luxury brand that is known for its stunning jewelry along with perfumes and watches, Bvlgari was founded in 1884. Bvlgari pieces, which are known for their bold use of brightly colored gems and creative workmanship, convey a unique sense of elegance and glam. These designs skilfully fuse trendy flare with classical beauty to create works that are both classic and modern, attracting people from all over the globe with their superior artistry and craftsmanship.
Chopard: Chopard founded in 1860 is a Swiss company known for its exceptional watches and jewels. The business has been appreciated for its devotion to ethical and sustainable business practices, emphasizing the use of source materials that are gained legally and employing eco-friendly production techniques. Devoted to luxury, fine details, and unparalleled workmanship define the designs of Chopard. The brand’s collections like the Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube, and IMPERIAL show a fuse of imagination and bold creation that attract people who value elegance and moral behavior in their luxurious jewelry. Chopard’s partnership with French actress Marion Cotillard for the “Ice Cube Capsule” collection gave them access to become more sustainable through initiative like Fairmined-certified gold and diamonds. They are the leaders of the market due to their commitment to the environment. The desire to improve the world is seen in the beauty, craftsmanship, and consciousness toward the environment in the jewelry.

You Can Be on the List Too

If you are enthusiastic about jewelry, craftsmanship, and creativity, this is your time to take the first step toward a lucrative career in jewelry design. Delve into the space of expression, dining detailing, and elegance by learning about this competitive industry.
Explore your creativity, improve your skills, and find out how you can turn your imagination into stunning jewelry. Jewelry design is a lucrative career option for individuals who are passionate about creating beautiful and classy jewelry and learning about diamonds and gemstones.
Grab the opportunity to unleash your creativity, gain knowledge from experts in the field, and play an active role in the jewelry creation. Discover the infinite possibilities of this fascinating craft, where every piece tells a story and expresses your vision.
Start your career today with AAFT Online’s 1-year Diploma in Jewelry Design. This program is designed for individuals wanting to start a lucrative career in jewelry. The curriculum is comprehensive and is designed by industry experts. You will learn about some essential topics like components and classification of jewelry, technical drawing, manufacturing, market analysis, gemology, and many more. This program will give you experience and access to industry leaders and mentors.


To conclude, jewelry design is an exciting field of creating attractive and glamorous jewelry that reflect luxury and elegance through your work. This is the business that has given the world some of the top jewelry designers who have designed for celebrities and royal families and are at the highest level of their career. Today India’s rich cultural legacy is appreciated globally due to the luxurious jewelry that we showcase to the world.
These talented individuals have worked hard and pushed their boundaries to the fullest to show the world their talent and capabilities. Their work shows their love for creativity, their understanding of the materials, and the.
The impact of these designers will never stop inspiring jewelry enthusiasts and if you are one of them and are inspired by these top jewelry designers, start your career in jewelry design today. You can be the next big thing in this industry. Jewelry design can be your path to a successful and lucrative career which will help you make your name and place in this competitive industry.
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