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Branding and Advertising

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Online Branding and Advertising Courses: Your Gateway to Success

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Making people aware of a good or service is called advertising, and preserving a brand’s reputation while cultivating connections with suppliers and target audiences is brand management. To start a career in this booming industry you can pursue courses in branding and advertising.  

A variety of strategies are used in advertising and brand management to build brand recognition and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. It informs customers about the company name, the products, the pricing, etc. Advertising does this by promoting the distinctive qualities of the brand. The market is a dynamic place nowadays, and fashion trends change weekly.

Therefore, it requires a strategic plan to uphold the brand’s reputation and effectively advertise products. Continue reading this blog to know about the eligibility criteria, branding and digital advertising courses, Syllabus, Books to read, etc. 

Table of Contents:

Highlights of the Course   

Below mentioned are a few highlights if the course: 

Particulars Highlights 
Degree Diploma / Certificate 
Eligibility Class 10th and above 
Academic Session Semester Based 
Mode of Learning Full Time and Part-Time 
Career options after the course Marketing Manager, Corporate Manager, Business Development Manager, Brand Manager, and more 
Top Recruiters 


Acumont Solutions 

Atheva Services 

Shivalic HR Solutions 

Staffio HR 

Growth Hub Consultants 

Average Salary INR 9 LPA – INR 11 LPA 

Eligibility Criteria

Each institution has different qualifying requirements for applicants to its programs. The institutes have varied requirements for admissions to the field of advertising and brand management. Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for the course: 

  • Candidates must have received a minimum of 50% in their class 12 overall. 
  • Any preceding course on the topic must have been completed by the student. 
  • Depending on their needs, the college admissions process may use entrance examinations or a merit-based system. 

Admission Process 

For successful university admission, candidates must adhere to a set of guidelines. 

  • To register online, go to the university’s official website.
  • Next, complete the information on the website’s application form.
  • The required papers may be uploaded during registration.
  • After paying the academic fee, submit the application form.
  • Your confirmation email from the university will then arrive with the student’s enrollment number.

Top Advertising and Brand Management

The below list mentions some of the top brand advertising courses: 

Course Duration Course Fees Platform 
Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour 17 Hours Rs 2,152 Coursera 
Management of fashion and luxury companies 12 Hours Rs 2,152 Coursera 
FMCG/ CPG brand management academy: marketing fundamentals 3.5 Hours Rs 3,840 Udemy 
The Complete Brand Management Course for Beginners 1 Hour Rs 618 Udemy 
Learn how to write a powerful brand strategy 1 Hour Rs 455 Udemy 
Branding: The creative journey specialization 5 Months Rs 2,894 per month Coursera 
Brand & Content Marketing 15 Hours Rs 2,894 Coursera 
30-day brand strategy 3 Hour Rs 455 Udemy 
Advertising Foundations 1 Hour 16 Minutes Rs 1,150 LinkedIn Learning 
Branding Foundation 53 Minutes Rs 1,150 LinkedIn Learning 
Luxury Brand Management 35 Hours £1,200 London School of Business 
Online Master in Strategic Marketing (Luxury Brand Management) 18-36 months £7,000 London School of Business and Finance 

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour by Coursera 

The University of London and London Business School’s brand management certification course on Coursera is one of the finest. You will learn about numerous branding strategies from seasoned marketers during the course. It will primarily concentrate on increasing brand equity and value from the organization’s standpoint. You’ll learn more about brand management and strategies that can engage customers from this guide to advertising and brand management. 

Skills learned: Brand Marketing, Corporate Branding, Brand Management, and Brand Identity 

Course Duration: 17 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 2,152 

Management of fashion and luxury companies by Coursera 

This advertising certification course from University Bocconi will provide you with an insight into how a luxury fashion firm develops its brand, goods, and marketing tactics. The course will expose you to the strategic brand management practises used by fashion and luxury businesses to maintain their legacy while being current and relevant. In this guide to advertising and brand management, you will also learn in-depth information about new advertising channels and emerging markets. 

Skills learned: Business Model, Strategic Management, Luxury Goods, and Brand Management 

Course Duration: 12 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 2,152 

FMCG/ CPG brand management academy: marketing fundamentals by Udemy 

You will learn the fundamentals of FMCG/CPG brand management in one of the top-rated advertising and brand management courses on Udemy. You can earn your certification as an FMCG/CPG brand manager with the aid of the course. Additionally, you’ll learn how to strategically plan your brand’s advertising and evaluate communication. For FMCG marketing professionals who want to broaden their responsibilities, this training is ideal. The program is adaptable and may be continued alongside your current employment. 

Skills learned: Brand Building, Advertising, and Communication Development 

Course Duration: 3.5 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 3,840 

The Complete Brand Management Course for Beginners by Udemy 

This brand management certification course, which was created for individuals interested in learning brand management and business management, will instruct you on brand identification, positioning, and management. You will learn about every facet of brand management and equity in this introductory course. Co-branding, brand architecture, and promotion are covered in 10 sections of the 40 lectures in this advertising and brand management manual. 

Skills learned: Brand Management, Business Management, and Brand Architecture 

Course Duration: 1 Hour 

Course Fee: Rs 618 

Learn how to write a powerful brand strategy by Udemy 

For individuals who seek a broad overview of the branding field, this is one of the top-rated advertising and brand management courses. You’ll get a practical way to develop the brand name, brand identity, and strategy from this online advertising and brand management guide. There are 2 divisions, each with 5 lectures and 1 article. 

Skills learned: Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Brand Planning, and Market Research 

Course Duration: 1 Hour 

Course Fee: Rs 455 

Branding: The creative journey specialization by Coursera 

Offered by IE Business School, this one of the brand management online courses is designed to help you master branding strategies. The course will teach you how to examine brand activities through the eyes of customers and create a complete creative pitch that a brand manager produces. It will also lead you through the proper mapping and placement of the brand in the long run. 

Skills learned: Brand Identity, Management, Advertising, Branding, Communication and Leadership 

Course Duration: 5 Months (2 hours per week) 

Course Fee: Rs 2,894 per month 

Brand & Content Marketing by Coursera 

By presenting compelling stories, brands can leave a lasting impression on their audience. You will learn about effective content generation and brand image in this additional one of the top advertising and brand management courses. You will learn in this course how good storytelling differs from conventional advertising. Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to create imaginative assignments and learn how to engage the audience with interesting and memorable stories. 

Skills learned: Content Development, Content Marketing, Storytelling, and Advertising and Branding 

Course Duration: 15 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 2,894 

30-day brand strategy by Udemy 

You will have a deeper grasp of your brand and learn how to sway more customers after reading this advertising and brand management book. This is one of the top brand management certification programs to study how brand selection is influenced by consumer psychology and how to create a the brand that appeals to that psychology. The training will also enable you to locate potential clients for your brand and pinpoint its unique selling propositions in order to give it life. It has 3 downloadable materials and 5 parts with a total of 14 lectures. 

Skills learned: Brand Planning and Strategy, Brand Management and Business Development 

Course Duration: 3 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 455 

Advertising Foundation by LinkedIn Learning 

Learn about the firm, its brand, and its audience as well as the current state of digital marketing in one of the best online courses for advertising. The curriculum is designed to cover all the fundamentals of advertising and includes information on how to collaborate with an advertising agency. Additionally, it will aid in the creation of messages, ad placement, content strategy, and public relations planning. 

Skills learned: Advertising, Content Planning and Marketing, and Digital Marketing 

Course Duration: 1 Hour 16 Minutes 

Course Fee: Rs 1,150.00 

Branding Foundation by LinkedIn Learning 

This top brand management online course from LinkedIn Learning will create the foundation for creating a successful brand, as the name implies. Through the use of social media, public relations, advertising, and other channels, the course will teach you how to build your brand’s equity. Additionally, it will explain the branding process and impart knowledge on how to assess and measure the value of brands. 

Skills learned: Brand Architecture, Customer Relations, Brand Building and Management 

Course Duration: 53 Minutes 

Course Fee: Rs 1,150.00 

Luxury Brand Management by London School of Business 

This advertising and brand management manual from the London School of Business will teach you the fundamentals of luxury brand management and its roles in the fashion industry. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of management and marketing if you enrol in this brand management online course. People who want to develop a practical understanding of this industry or pursue a career in the high-end luxury brand world can enrol in this course. 

Skills learned: Brand Management, Marketing and Branding 

Course Duration: 35 Hours 

Course Fee: Rs 1,23,295 

Online Master in Strategic Marketing (Luxury Brand Management) by London School of Business and Finance 

This top-notch certification program in advertising from the London School of Business and Finance will instruct you in strategic marketing strategies for premium brands. Customer relationships are crucial in luxury brand management. As a result, this course will also emphasise customer behaviour in the luxury business and provide you with relationship management abilities. 

Skills learned: Marketing, Communication and Customer Relationship 

Course Duration: 18-36 months 

Course Fee: 7,19,222 

Course Comparison 

You may use the table to compare various online courses that are offered by Udemy and Coursera. Here, we’ve contrasted the various advertising programs offered on these two online platforms. 

Parameters Udemy Coursera 
Fees INR 455 INR 3,659 per month 
Student Rating 3.9 4.7 
Enrollment 25,601 58,045 
Duration 2.5 hours 11 hours 
Created by In house IE Business School 

Job Prospects 

Mentioned below are some job prospects that you can pursue once you complete your program in Advertising, PR, and Brand Communication: 

  • Copywriter 
  • Market researcher 
  • Brand Manager 
  • Product Manager 
  • Marketing Executive 
  • Market Analyst  

Recommended Books for Advertising and Brand Management  

If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the advertising and branding industry, it is recommended that you explore the world of literature on the subject. Mentioned below are a few Advertising and Branding books that you should read to gain knowledge of the industry :

How Brands Grow, by Byron Sharp  

John Wanamaker, a shopkeeper in the 1800s, is credited with saying one of the most famous lines regarding advertising: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” The truth is that branding initiatives frequently rely on received wisdom and educated guessing, most of it based on falsehoods. How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp stands out from other branding books since it focuses on dispelling common marketing fallacies. 

This information-driven book offers in-depth research on what is effective and ineffective in the worlds of traditional and digital marketing, including the real efficacy of loyalty programs and the influence of advertising. You could be shocked to realise that a significant portion of the money and time spent on branding initiatives that you felt was successful would have been better spent elsewhere. 

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Massage So Customers Will Listen, by Donald Miller 

 As a marketing expert, increasing sales is undoubtedly your ultimate aim, but in order to get there, you must first establish sincere, long-lasting relationships with your clients. The most effective strategy to establish these ties (and subsequently build a lasting brand for your business) is to use gripping narratives. In terms of branding literature, Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand is primarily concerned with the time-tested narrative method of advertising. 

Beginning with the primary character who has a problem (i.e., your target client) and concluding with your call to action (i.e., “Check out our solution!”) that leads to a transaction and, eventually, a happy ending for your customer, Miller covers seven fundamental parts to every tale. 

The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells by Robert W. Bly 

The Copywriter’s Handbook is a how-to guide for creating compelling copy. Writing compelling email marketing copy and optimising landing pages to increase conversion are among the topics covered in the book. The manual outlines a number of strategies for writing that are captivating and straightforward. Websites, online advertisements, public relations materials, print ads, and videos are just a few of the various media that are covered in each chapter.  

The book effectively combines conventional advertising forms with digital media and recommends both general best practises and specific strategies. Advertising professionals wishing to grasp the principles of ad writing and maximise the effect of each statement may find The Copywriter’s Handbook to be a useful resource. 

The Copy Book by D&AD 

One of the greatest reference books on advertising is The Copy Book. Design & Art Direction, or D&AD, is a nonprofit educational organisation that supports originality and usability in art and design. This copywriting resource was released by the organisation and includes the thoughts and works of several highly regarded advertising experts, including David Abbott and Barbara Nokes.  

The pages serve as a who’s who and the greatest hits of the copywriting profession and provide biographies of well-known copywriters along with insights and highlights from respective portfolios. Both novices just starting out in the world of advertising and seasoned pros looking to advance their ad talents will find information and inspiration in The Copy Book. 


The benefits of pursuing a career in advertising and branding are considerable since it offers a diverse range of employment opportunities, excellent pay, and lots of freedom for creative expression. There are several branding and advertising course online in India that you can pursue. Make the right college choices for advertising and branding in India to start your career in this booming industry.

If you take the right actions, develop the required abilities, and are aware of your responsibilities, this industry might be financially rewarding. You may start your career out on the right foot with the aid of the recommendations offered in this blog, which will help you build a successful career.

Click here to know more about the courses. 

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