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9 Best Online Diploma Courses in India: Eligibility, Fees & Salary

Diploma Course Overview

Diploma courses are your best choice if you want to follow a professional course but do not want to enrol in a graduate course. A course like that may be taken at any level, so you can even enrol in it after receiving your degree. These days, many colleges and institutions offer these courses. When deciding which is better, you could become perplexed. Let’s start by understanding what a diploma course is. 

What is a Diploma Course?

 Some people frequently think about taking a diploma course as an alternative to high school. But it goes much beyond that. A one- to two-year diploma will provide you with all the necessary professional skills. It would aid in your transition into the labour market of your desired sector. Diploma’s curriculum offers students to get more practical knowledge on the particular course which naturally builds the skills of the students. There are several diploma courses in India that can help you kick-start your career.  

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing a Diploma

 In India, the applicant must be a citizen of India and must have earned at least 35% marks in the Math/Mathematics, General Science, and English subjects on the SSC (Std. X) examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent. An HSC pass certificate, which is necessary for the post-Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) diploma degree, is the prerequisite for admission.  

Diploma Program Pattern

 A diploma program generally lasts three years. These courses might follow a semester or yearlong schedule. A semester-based diploma program typically lasts four years, divided into three years of normal study and one year set aside only for a required industrial internship. There are also institutes that offer 1-year diploma courses after graduation. 

9 Best Diploma Courses Online

 There are several institutes offering top diploma courses in India. These courses help students to kick-start their careers when they are already trained to the market standards.  Below are mentioned 9 top diploma courses that you can pursue: 

1. Nutrition & Dietetics

The duration of the diploma in nutrition & dietetics offered by AAFT Online is one year. In this course, you will be well equipped with in-depth knowledge of diverse aspects of nutrition and dietetics like the nutrition management for weight, methods of cooking, exchange list & menu planning, food commodities and safety, and many other such aspects that will aid you in carving a rewarding career as a Nutritionist and Dietician in the industry like Healthcare Industry, Nutrition Industry, Sports Arena, Dietetics Industry Healthcare Industry as a Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist and profiles like Personal Nutritionist, etc.

The learnings that this diploma course will offer are mentioned below: 

  • Basic knowledge of Health and Nutrition. 
  • A background in Life Sciences is an added advantage. 
  • A compassionate attitude to understand the diet needs of clients. 
  • Persuasion skills influence the nutrition habits of people. 

2. Interior Design

The duration for Diploma in Interior Designing Course offered by AAFT Online is one-year. This program prepares you to work in partnership with architects and assist in planning and strategizing the layout of an establishment, be it a house, an office, or any other commercial complex. You will also explore the fundamental concepts of Interior design and examine the work of several notable interior designers.  

You will have a thorough understanding of: 

  • Theory of Design  
  • Analytical Drawing  
  • Technical Drawings and Computer Applications  
  • Interior Landscape  
  • Principles of Interior Designing 
  • Portfolio Designing 
  • History of Interior Design  
  • computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) 
  • Freehand Drawing & Geometric Construction 
  • Estimation Costing  
  • Furniture & Furnishings  
  • Design & Crafting  
  • Entrepreneurship Development 

3. Fashion Design

The duration of the online fashion designing courses offered by AAFT Online is one year.  This course is one of its kind which will prepare you for a career in apparel manufacturing, production, and technical design. This program prepares young managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs to deal with diverse responsibilities in the fashion sector with the help of essential tools and best business practices. Also, will help you to explore the fundamental concepts of fashion design and examine the work of several notable fashion designers.  

You will have a thorough understanding of: 

  • Building a basis for design 
  • Garment Construction 
  • Fashion Illustration 
  • Fashion Marketing 
  • PR or Merchandising 

4. 3D Animation & Visual Effects:

The duration of the Diploma in 3D animation & VFX offered by AAFT Online is one year. This diploma will help you learn about the principles of animation and VFX. This one-year animation course is designed to teach you the foundations of animation and the advanced mechanics of producing an animated figure and visual effects. The diploma in 3D animation from AAFT Online will open doors for various career prospects like Multimedia specialists, Compositing artists, VFX Artists, Motion graphics designers, FX technical directors, and more. 

This diploma offers the following learnings: 

  • Principles of animation 
  • Creative visualization and 2D/3D animation 
  • Sketching and storyboarding 
  • Concepts of graphics and digital Illustration 
  • How to convey emotions through character animation 
  • How to use staging and composition to tell a story 
  • Learn to create VFX with the help of the latest software. 

5. Event Management:

The duration of the Diploma in Event Management offered by AAFT Online is one year. This course gives you a holistic overview of the live events industry. The objective of the course is to learn every aspect of event planning and management in all its forms.

You will study: 

  • Scope and nature of event management 
  • Event leadership, human resources, and consumer behaviour 
  • Sponsorship, budgeting, and client servicing 
  • Staging the event and event logistics 
  • Legalities in event management 
  • Web technology and information technology for events 
  • Crisis management, post-event analysis, and case studies 

6. Jewellery Design:

The duration of the diploma in jewellery design course offered by AAFT Online is one-year. This course will give you a broad understanding of how you can turn your ideas into designs by learning drafting, shading, design theory, and more to create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. This course will also teach you to work with precious metals, diamonds, beads, and gemstones to create wearable art pieces. After signing up for the course, you will learn about basic beading and wiring techniques in different layouts and patterns. This course will also instil you with basic business skills required to sell your work.  

You will also learn: 

  • Introduction to Jewellery 
  • Classification of Jewelleries and Materials 
  • Technical Drawings and Manufacturing Techniques 
  • Computer Aided Designing 
  • Market Research and Forecast Analysis 
  • Diamond Grading and Sorting 
  • Cost Analysis 

7. Music Production

The duration of music production courses offered by AAFT Online is 3 months. In these 3 months, you will be equipped with all the techniques required to create your first musical compositions. The objective of the course is to explain every aspect of Music Production, from the very basics to the stage of creation of your first melody.  

In just a span of 3 months, you will learn the following: 

  • Fundamentals of Audio 
  • The Music Theory Fundamentals  
  • Song Recording Techniques  
  • The DAWs used for Music Production  
  • Mono and Multi-Track Recordings 
  • Cleaning Up the Project 
  • Working on Midi and Synths 
  • Mixing and Mastering Techniques 
  • Pitching Your Music to the Industry Stakeholders 
  • Promoting Your Music and Understanding the market of Music  

8. Art of Makeup:

The duration of the diploma in art and makeup course offered by AAFT Online is 3 months. This diploma will help you turn your passion for makeup into a successful career. This three-month course will teach you all you need to know about makeup, from the basics of how to use basic brushes to mentoring you on starting your own brand. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about global makeup and beauty trends, giving you an in-depth understanding of makeup techniques. Once you’ve signed up for the course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the latest trends in the makeup and beauty industry. 

In just a span of 3 months, you will learn the following: 

  • Makeup Foundation 
  • Art Of Hairstyling 
  • Advance Makeup/progressive Makeup 
  • Styling: Designing A Look 
  • Photographic, Theatrical, and Media Makeup 
  • Makeup Preneurship 

9. Retail Management

The duration of this diploma in retail management course offered by AAFT Online is 1 year. This course will help you become a global leader in the ever-evolving world of retail management. The objective of this program is to teach you every aspect of retail management. 

You will study: 

  • Principles of retail management 
  • Retail marketing & sales management 
  • Business economics & retail environment 
  • Retail stores & operations management 
  • International retailing 
  • Information technology in retail management 
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