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Best Certificate Courses In India In 2024 for Higher Salary

Overview of Certificate Courses

In today’s fast-paced world, certificate courses have become essential for professional advancement. Many students opt to enrol in short-term certification courses after the 12th instead of undergraduate. Certificate courses  greatly assist such individuals in locating acceptable work prospects. Students choosing certificate courses in India should be aware that the choice of courses should rely on the objective, the individual, and the potential career path. 

The work market requires particular knowledge and skills that go beyond what is taught in a degree program, therefore for many students earning a degree may not be enough. These learners seek certificate programs that advance their expertise and knowledge in a certain field. Certificate programs in India also provide access to a wide range of career options. For instance, a qualification in ELT (English Language Teaching) gives a person’s resume more credibility when they are applying for jobs as English teachers in schools, colleges, etc. Similarly to this, prospective entrepreneurs may benefit from Certificate Courses in Business Skills or Certification Courses for Commerce Students when they build up their own businesses. Look at the list of streamwise certificate courses here for 1 year, 6 months, etc. 

Numerous colleges and institutions in India provide the best certificate courses in regular, distance, and online formats. Trying to find the top certification courses for career opportunities? We have created a list of certification courses in India organized by stream to assist students in selecting the appropriate course. 

Types of Certificate Courses in Different Streams

In India, professional certification courses are offered in a variety of fields, including management, healthcare, education, foreign languages, the arts, commerce, science, law, etc. These certificate programs are quite useful for finding employment. Check out the list of certificates for 1-year courses, 6-month courses, etc. below, organized streamwise. 

1. Certificate Courses in Arts Stream

 For candidates looking to advance their knowledge and abilities in a particular field of concentration, certificate programs in the arts are appropriate. This certificate program aids students in finding employment with companies that want employees with knowledge in a particular specialty. For students who want to pursue a career in a profession with a social impact, the Certificate in Rural Development will serve as a foundation course. Similarly to this, each course has unique criteria and objectives. 

The list of certificate programs in the Arts stream along with duration is tabulated below: 

Name of the Courses Duration 
PG Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies 6 Months 
Certificate in Police Administration 2-6 Months 
Certificate in Library and Information Science 6 Months 
Certificate in HIV and Family Education 6 Months 
Advanced Certificate Course in Ancient Indian History 6 Months 
Certificate in Buddhist Studies 6 Months 
Certificate in Life and Thoughts of Dr. BR Ambedkar 6 Months 
Certificate in Rural Development 6 Months 
Certificate in Tribal Studies 6 Months 
Certificate in Social Work 3 Months 
Certificate in Public Relations 6 Months 
Certificate in Social Work in the Criminal Justice System 6 Months 
Certificate in Disaster Management 6 Months 

2. Certificate Course in Science Stream

 Students who take certificate courses in the science stream are able to learn the basics of many specializations. For students who want to pursue a career in one of the specialities listed below, these courses are helpful. Students may learn everything they need to know about operating a poultry business successfully, for instance, through Certificate in Poultry Farming courses. Each of the courses listed below has certain goals and job opportunities. 

Below are lists of certificate programs in science that are 6 months long and 1 year long, along with their durations are tabulated below: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management  6 Months 
Certificate in Food and Nutrition 6 Months 
Certificate in Sericulture 6 Months 
Certificate in Organic Farming 6 Months 
Certificate in Poultry Farming 6 Months 
Certificate in Laboratory Techniques 6 Months 
Certificate in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences 6 Months 
Certificate in Environment Studies 6 Months 
Certificate in Beekeeping 6 Months 
Certificate in Clinical Psychology 6 Months 
Certificate in Forensic Science 1 Year 
Certificate in Child Psychology  1 Year 
Certificate in Environmental Awareness 1 Year 
PG Certificate in Geoinformatics 6 Months 
PG Certificate in Agricultural Policy 6 Months 
Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM) 16 Months 

3. Certificate Courses in Commerce Stream

Commerce certificate courses are available at all educational levels. Certificate courses in the Commerce stream are helpful to students who are looking for a bright career in the field. These certificate courses for commerce students give additional knowledge and skills that are necessary for the job market.  

Here is the list of certificate courses for commerce students along with the duration of the course: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in E-Commerce 3-6 Months 
Certificate in Accounting 1 Month 
PG Certificate in Banking and Financial Services 1 Year 
Certificate in Banking 1 Year 
Certificate in Stock Market 1 Year 

4. Certificate Courses in Management Stream

 Certificate programs in the management stream give an individual’s previous credentials more weight. Candidates choose these courses based on their individual needs, career advancement goals, and desire to increase their knowledge. 

The following table lists the certificate programs available in the management stream along with their durations: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in Business Skills 6 Months 
Certificate in NGO Management  6 Months 
Certificate in Retail Management  1 Year 
Certificate in Event Management 3-6 Months 
Certificate in Office Management  1 Year 

5. Certificate Courses in Media & Mass Communication Stream

 Media and mass communication certificates have their own benefits. Students choose these courses in order to launch careers in a variety of media industries, including TV, film, journalism, etc. These are prerequisite classes for those interested in a promising career in media and mass communication. Additionally, these courses aid media workers in advancing their careers. 

Following is a list of certificate programs available in the mass communication field, along with their durations: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in Community Radio 6 Months 
Certificate in Acting 3 Months 
Certificate in Anchoring 3 Months 
Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication 1 Year 
Certificate in Radio Jockeying 1 Year 
Certificate in Digital Content Management Online Course 
Certificate in Introduction to Film Making 1 Year 
Certificate in Photography 1 Year 
Certificate in Animation 6 Months 

6. Certificate Courses in Hospitality

 The hospitality certificate aids students in finding jobs. For those who have finished a certificate program in tourism and similar fields, there are several job options. Following is a list of certificate programs in the hospitality sector along with their durations: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in Tourism Studies 6 Months 
Certificate in Hospitality & Service Management 6 Months 
Certificate in International Airlines and Travel Management 6 Months 

7. Certificate Courses in Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Applied Arts

Certificate courses listed in Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Applied Arts help students to gain basic knowledge in these disciplines and opt for higher courses in the same. Here is the certificate courses list in the fine arts/ performing arts/ visual arts stream along with the duration: 

Name of the Course Duration 
Certificate in Dance 2 Years 
Certificate in Violin 2 Years 
Certificate in Veena 2 Years 
Certificate in Vocal 2 Years 
Certificate in Bharatanatyam 6 Months 
Certificate in Hindustan Music  6 Months 
Certificate in Karnatic music 6 Months 
Certificate in Theatre Arts 6 Months 
Certificate in Applied Arts 6 Months 
Certificate in Painting 6 Months 

Top 10 Courses in Demand in India

 The table below lists the top 10 certificate programs that are most in demand in India for aspirants to enrol in. 

Name of the Course Duration 
Fashion Designing 3 Years 
Interior Designing 5 Years 
Digital Marketing 1-12 Months 
Film and TV 3 Years 
Animation 6 – 12 Months 
Hospitality 3 Years 
Journalism and Mass Communication 3 Years 
Graphics Designing 1 Year 
Medicine 5.5 Years 
Web Designing 2 Years 

Best Certification courses available on AAFT Online

AAFT Online is an ed-tech venture that seeks to revolutionize how creative arts are taught and learned around the world. The creators of AAFT, who also founded Noida Film City, a 100-acre centre for film and television production in North India that has employed approximately 17,000 people since 1988, are responsible for the initiative. 

AAFT Online provides many online certificate courses which are mentioned below: 

  1. Photography 
  2. Journalism 
  3. Screenwriting 
  4. Fashion Styling 
  5. Radio Jockey 
  6. Djing 
  7. Fashion Design 
  8. Digital Advertising 
  9. Digital PR 
  10. Ad Film Making 
  11. Makeup Production 

AAFT Online Certificate Courses

1. Comprehensive Photography Program

Once you sign up for Photography Certification Course, you’ll learn photography fundamentals, camera operation skills, the importance of lighting, and the art of framing. Our ‘Comprehensive Photography Program’ is designed in such a way that the students learn and explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of photography with their camera lens. 

You will also learn: 

  • Importance of styling in photography 
  • How to make delectable food photos with a smartphone as well as a camera 
  • Creative photographic techniques of smartphone 
  • Tips and tricks of Wildlife and Landscape photography 
  • How to edit photos using various photography software 

2. The Ultimate Journalism Certificate Program

This Journalism Course will help you get abreast with different aspects of journalism that offer multiple specializations in one go. The duration of this course is 6 months.

You will learn: 

  • Latest trends that are shaping up the modern landscape of journalism 
  • How to employ many aspects of multimedia, including audio, video, text, photographs, graphics, animation, and editing skills 
  • Report Writing and News Packaging with your smartphone 
  • Tips and tricks for layout designing 
  • How has broadcast journalism evolved over the years? 

3. Screenwriting

Screenwriting Course will show you how to tell a tale using a script rather than by telling it. With some rich tools and methods of screenwriting, learn the subtleties of creative narrative to keep the audience glued to the screen. This online course lasts 6 weeks. 

You will learn: 

  • The ideation and creativity in binding a story 
  • Three-act structure to frame a neat and structured story 
  • How to turn a small idea into a full story? 
  • Carving well-rounded characters for a script 
  • The Hero’s Journey and other elements of a story 
  • Formats and adaptation of a screenplay 
  • The most commonly used software for writing the screenplay 
  • Pitching your story to the production houses in a few minutes 

4. Fashion Styling

The fashion Styling course will assist you in understanding the concepts of style based on a range of factors, such as the face, body types, budget, occasion, or specific customer desires. Alongside like-minded professionals at AAFT, you will be able to explore endless possibilities for creating new designs as a student in this program. This online course lasts for 5 weeks. 

You will learn: 

  • Career Path as a Fashion Stylist 
  • Major Stylists and their Clientele 
  • Styling as per the body type 
  • Styling as per the face shapes 
  • A wardrobe guide as per the latest trends 
  • Best layering and Pairing Guide 
  • Styling as per the budget and occasion 
  • The Travel Style guide 

5. Radio Jockey

Students are introduced to the brand-new, interesting curriculum in this course. Speaking techniques, voice modulation, and radio program script writing will all be covered. Additionally, you will learn everything there is to know about radio station technology. Online Radio Jockey Course lasts for 4 weeks. 

You will learn: 

In this course, you will learn about the history and evolution of radio. As you go deeper, you will study about different functions of a radio station and the responsibilities of a Radio Jockey in the social as well as the commercial environment. You will also learn to write the script and design a radio show.

6. Djing

In a short span of just 4 weeks, you will get comprehensive knowledge about different aspects of DJing, be it beat making, beat matching, and making cues essential to electronic music production. 

In DJ Course course, you will learn about various aspects of mixing and matching different beats of music.  

You will study:

  • Different types of DJing 
  • DJ equipment and connectors 
  • CD players, Mixers, Controllers, Media Players 
  • Breaking down the music 
  • Music management in Rekordbox 
  • Advance DJ techniques like creating a live mash-up and remix 
  • Establishing yourself as a brand

7. Fashion Design

The Fashion Design Course will provide you with a contextual, intellectual, and cultural grasp of fashion, allowing you to carve out a strong niche in a competitive industry. We, at AAFT, will help you carve out these fashion aspects of your personality and craft them into employable skills. This is a 7-week online course. The Fashion Design program will teach you all you need to know about fashion, including the principles of illustrations, the design process, professional draping, pattern making, and much more. 

You will learn: 

  • Origin and Development of Fashion 
  • Fashion Styles of Legends in the Fashion Industry 
  • Ethics of Fashion Designing 
  • Emerging Trends 
  • All About Fabrics 
  • Designing and Marketing 
  • Identifying and Targeting Audience

8. Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Course will assist you in developing your strategic and creative thinking skills and in producing effective internet advertising strategies. You will get an understanding of the strategic function and goal of effective advertising. This course lasts for a total of 6 weeks. 

You will learn: 

You will learn about the full landscape, method, and integration of digital media with advertising in this course. Additionally, you will get to learn about the latest tactics and industry standards for the sector of digital advertising. You will gain knowledge of copywriting, the tactics used to create the greatest digital advertisements, and how to create a successful campaign for digital media advertising. 

10. Digital PR

In Digital PR Course You will learn the most recent PR techniques in this course, including handling conferences, reputation management, damage control, the right social media strategy, and many other brand-building tools. We assist you in entering the billion-dollar market with this training by providing your abilities and polished appearance. This course lasts for 6 weeks. 

You will learn: 

  • The timeline and evolution of Digital PR in the media space. 
  • Comparative understanding of traditional and digital PR strategies. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge about various tools and techniques used in PR like Press Conferences, Reputation Management, Damage control, and social media usage for PR. 
  • The entire workflow of PR strategies. 

11. Ad Film Making

Students will learn some of the most fundamental principles of advertising in Ad Film Making Course. To come up with original solutions, you will investigate the concepts that underlie advertising. Additionally, you will develop your creativity, understand the advertising process, and learn about businesses (particularly commercials and films). This course lasts 4 weeks. 

You will learn:  

You’ll learn about some of the most significant works produced in India, Europe, and North America as you progress through the course. By studying these works, you will improve your knowledge of commercial filmmaking and fortify your capacity for original thought in a business setting. 

You will get a thorough grasp of various ad filming techniques as the course proceeds, from conceptualization to obtaining a broadcasting license and digital post-production. 

12. Make-up Foundation

Makeup Foundation Course will assist you in offering your clients a breathtaking view of any occasion in order to inspire confidence in them. Make your lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blusher, and lipstick your empowerment kit. This online course lasts for 8 weeks. 

You will learn:  

  • The concept of applying Make-up 
  • What makes your make-up kit 
  • skin concealing and correction secrets 
  • The hygiene protocols before Make-up 
  • Applying a perfect Primer and Foundation 
  • Contouring and blending hacks for re chiselled look 
  • Mastering the Eye Makeup 
  • The Day Make-up hacks to be a class apart 
  • The cocktail makeup techniques 
  • Bridal Make-up for the D- Day 
  • Creating HD makeup to make you screen perfect 
  • The new age to AirBrush Makeup 


To conclude, there are a variety of online certification courses in India that can have an impact on your career. By taking these courses, you may get the knowledge and abilities needed to land a career in your field of interest. Learning is a crucial component of success, therefore taking a course that helps advance your profession is crucial. It is imperative that you read the university evaluations before enrolling in any program. 

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