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Advertising Courses After 12th: Fees, Curriculum & Schedule

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There are a variety of advertising courses available after the 12th, ranging from certificate programs to degree programs. Many advertising firms recruit students who enrol in these classes, and they employ a variety of strategies to draw in the audience. 

There are both offline and online options for these courses. Admission to advertising course must meet certain requirements. These advertising courses online are also inexpensively priced on a number of online platforms, including Udemy, Coursera, and Edx. A typical advertising training costs between INR 4,000 to INR 1,50,000. 

Table of Contents 

Details of Advertising Courses 

Certificate Programs 
  • Online and offline advertising certificate courses are both offered by a select few colleges.  
  • Most certification courses can be completed at your own leisure. 
Diploma & PG Diploma Courses 
  • There are top diploma and postgraduate degree programs in advertising. 
Bachelor Courses 
  • There are full-time computing courses offered, including BA and BSc degrees. 
  • The duration is 3-4 years 
  •  The length of these courses varies depending on the level. Graduation takes between three and four years, two years for postgraduate programs, and one year for diploma programs.
  • There are certificate programs accessible, and the length of these programs varies by online learning environment
  • A lot of online sites provide courses for free, while just a handful need payment.
  • Media planner, media consultant, display marketing executive, corporate communication manager, etc. are the top job profiles.
  • From INR 1 to 10 lakhs is the average salary range for these positions.
  • The top abilities needed are effective communication, marketing, media, writing, and creativity skills, among others. 

Advertising Course Highlights 

To study advertising degrees, there are several options accessible both in India and overseas. Here is a thorough look at the courses that are offered. 

Popular Courses 
  • Certificate: You can seek a certificate in advertising.  
  • Diploma & PG Diploma: There are courses offered for both the diploma and postgraduate degrees in advertising. 
  • UG: The discipline of advertising offers BA, BCom, and BS courses.  
  • PG: A few colleges offer MA and MBA programs in advertising. 
  • Certificate: 3 months to 1 year (for Offline)
    Few days to 6 months (for Online) 
  • Diploma & PG Diploma: 1-2 years 
  • UG: 3-4 years 
  • PG: 1-2 years 
  • Certificate: Pass class X or XII from a reputable board 
  • Diploma: Pass class XII from an accredited board 
  • PG Diploma: A degree in a comparable discipline from an accredited university. 
  • UG: A passing grade in 10+2 from a reputable board 
  • PG: Pass in UG in a comparable discipline from an accredited university.  
Average Fees 
  • Certificate: INR 10,000-50,000 
  • Diploma & PG Diploma: Upto 1 Lakh 
  • UG: Upto 2 Lakhs 
  • PG: INR 1,00,000-3,00,000 
Online Courses Available 
Types of Online Courses Edx, Coursera, Udemy, etc. (Includes Paid and Unpaid courses) 
Top Job Prospects Media planner, media consultant, display marketing executive, corporate communication manager 
Average Salary 
  • Certificate: Upto 1 lakh 
  • Diploma: INR 2 lakhs 
  • UG: INR 3-5 lakh 
  • PG: INR 2-11 Lakhs 

Advertising Certificate Courses 

Many organisations and colleges offer certificate programs in advertising. There are offline and online options for these courses. These digital advertising courses are becoming more and more popular as more businesses go digital and search for a top-notch advertising agency. 

  • These certificate programs are excellent for students who cannot attend college and are intended to assist students in gaining information in the advertising profession.
  • These courses might last anything from one month to one year.
  • Few courses are available for free and even fewer may be taken without paying a price.
  • These courses are available to students searching for short-term courses, and they will provide them with a certificate that will aid in their career search. 
  • The starting pay is around INR 1 lakh. 

 Advertising Diploma and PG Diploma Courses 

Reputable colleges and institutes provide diplomas in advertising course online. Students who want to settle in the advertising industry and land the proper job may find these diploma programs helpful.  

  • Qualifications for diploma and postgraduate diploma programs vary. After finishing either class 10 or class 12, students might choose to enrol in diploma courses. PG Diploma programs are chosen after graduating. 
  • These course lengths vary between colleges and institutions. Diploma programs last between one and two years, whereas PG degrees take two. 
  • In India, the average pay after completing a diploma program is now approximately INR 2 Lakhs. 

Advertising Top Diploma Courses 

Mentioned below are a few best courses for advertising: 

Diploma Name Colleges Offering Average Fees 
Diploma in Advertising and Brand Communication Asian Academy of Film and Television  
Diploma in the aspect’s media, marketing and events 
  • Garware Institute of Career Education and Development 
  • University of Mumbai 
INR 1.25 Lakhs  
Advanced diploma in advertising management  Xavier Institute of Business Management Studies, Mumbai INR 13,900 

Advertising Top PG Diploma Courses 

Mentioned below are a few top PG Diploma courses: 

Course Name College offering Average Fees 
PG Diploma in Advertising  
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi 
  • SCMS School of Masscom Studies, Cochi 
  • SCMS School of Masscom Studies, Delhi 
  • Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai 
  • Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication, Noida 
INR 30,000 -1 lakh 
PG Diploma in advertising and brand communication  Amity University  INR 63,800 

Advertising Diploma and PG Diploma Courses: Admission Process Top 

  • Students must pass either class 10 or class 12 to enrol in a diploma program. Few institutions offer seats based on prior academic performance, and even fewer administer entrance exams to gauge a student’s potential. These classes last for a full year. 
  • A student must receive a minimum percentage of 45 in their graduation in order to enrol in a PG Diploma program. These courses last a year, though occasionally it depends on the college. 

Advertising Bachelor Courses 

In recent years, bachelor’s degree programs in advertising have gained popularity and are frequently chosen by students. Numerous colleges and organisations offer these courses.  

  • These programs typically last three years.  
  • Entrance exams are used to determine admission, and just a few universities really assign seats based on prior academic performance. 
  • Students that enrol in these courses often learn more about the subject and acquire a decent career.  
  • The typical salary will be between 3 and 5 lakhs. 

Top Undergraduate Advertising Courses 

Mentioned below are the top undergraduate advertising courses: 

Course Name Top Colleges Average Fees 
BA in Advertising  
  • Karnavati University 
  • NSIM 
  • ICG, Jaipur 
INR 30,000 – 70,000 per year  
B.Com in Advertising and Brand Management  IIS University, Rajasthan  10,000 -2,50,000 

Advertising Bachelor Courses: Admission Process 

If you want admission to an Advertising bachelor’s course these are a few points you should know: 

  • Admissions are made into these programs directly as well as through entrance exams held by certain colleges.  
  • To enrol in these courses, students must have completed grade 12.  
  • The grades that students must get for these courses vary from institution to college. 

Advertising Courses After 12th: Job Options 

From creative advertising to digital marketing, there are many different advertising courses you can pursue after 12th grade. Below are some job options you can pursue once you finish the advertising course: 

Marketing Research Manager 

They are in charge of gathering marketing data and securing the publication of the event or product. They do the research through secondary sources. 

Skills required: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Good analysis skills 

Average salary: INR 9,92,737 

Media Planner 

They work in advertising firms, where they are also known as brand planners or brand strategists, and they develop advertising campaigns for diverse clients. 

Skills required: 

  • Knowledge of market research 
  • Good decision-making skills 

Average salary: INR 4,41,745 

Corporate Communication Manager 

They serve as a link between an organisation and the outside world. They are in charge of coming up with marketing and advertising concepts. 

Skills required: 

  • Writing skills 
  • Good communication skills 

Average salary: INR 9,14,909 

Display Marketing Executive 

By creating sales tactics that meet client needs and by actively pushing goods, services, or concepts, they seek to maximise earnings. They manage the organization’s advertising material and are in charge of online tools. 

Skills required: 

  • Good marketing strategies 
  • Good knowledge of media platforms 

Average salary: INR 3,21,000 

Advertising / Brand Manager 

They are in charge of protecting the brand and making sure that the goods, services, and product groups that belong under it are appealing to both present and new clients.  

Skills required: 

  • Management skills 
  • Creative ideas  

Average salary: INR 9,77,522 

Marketing Executive  

They are the specialist who control and supervise the implementation of marketing strategies and are in charge of formulating plans and promoting the goods. They handle all of the business’s marketing and advertising.  

Skills required: 

  • Good organization skills 
  • Planning skills  

Average salary: INR 9,77,522 


They are always associated with the act of promoting or selling a company, organisation, brand, good, or service, therefore by definition, they are a type of marketing. He or she is in charge of producing promotional content.  

Skills required: 

  • Writing skills 
  • Creativity 

Average Salary: INR 3,62,841 

Advertising Courses After 12th: Skills Required 

For a successful career in advertising these are a few skills required: 

Interpersonal Skills: In the profession of advertising, interpersonal skills are crucial. One must interact with a variety of people on a daily basis, and how effectively one handles them affects how valuable an employee they are. Since it takes time to develop, this art should be consistently learned. 

Sales Skills: Selling is the sole objective of advertising. The commercials have a significant impact on the sales. Therefore, those working in this field need to understand how sales work and the factors that influence them because the purpose of every advertisement is ultimately to sell a good or a service. 

Communication Skills: Communication is the foundation of advertising. In a commercial, each phrase and word has a certain meaning. As a result, it is crucial for advertising to communicate successfully and convey themselves precisely. 

Creative Skills: High degrees of originality are required in the advertising industry; thus, one must maintains inventiveness and contribute a variety of ideas to the project. Any advertisement must go through an important phase of idea generation, where creativity is put to the test. 

Analytical Skills: Although this field doesn’t require highly developed analytical abilities, it will still need some. Before formulating their plans, they must search for patterns and analyse the data, therefore this skill is equally relevant. 

Technical Skills: Today’s marketers need to have a basic awareness of the technologies that might reduce their time, effort, and energy requirements. Technology’s role is expanding daily, and when used properly, it can help commercials connect with audiences in powerful ways. 

Advertising Courses Online Fees and Rating Comparison 

Here are a few online advertising courses that are available. These course’s costs and lengths are also stated below, which is helpful when comparing other online courses. 

Course Provider Duration Ratings Fees 
Advertising, PR & Corporate Communication AAFT Online6 months   
Introduction to Marketing Edx 6 weeks  free 
Advertising and Society Coursera 12 hours 4.7 free 
Digital Advertising Strategy Specialization Coursera 5 months 4.5 3,593 per month 
Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies Coursera 25 hours 4.5 free 
The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course Udemy 4.5 hours 4.3 INR 3,200 
The Complete Google AdWords Course 2023: Beginner to Expert! Udemy 5 hours 4.4 INR 8,640 
The Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Course 2023Udemy 11 hours 4.1 INR 8,640 

Advertising Online Courses Comparison 

You may use the table to compare various online courses that are offered by Udemy and Coursera. Here, we’ve contrasted the various advertising programs offered on these two online platforms. 

Parameters Udemy Coursera 
Fees INR 455 INR 3,659 per month 
Student Rating 3.9 4.7 
Enrollment 25,601 58,045 
Duration 2.5 hours 11 hours 
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